Bless the Giver

3:37:00 PM

Today is a day that I know I will always remember...

Today at church, our pastor delivered a message about covenant friends... friends that carry you and advance you in your walk with the Lord.  Friends that bless you, love you and provide encouragement when you need it the most. 

Just when you thought the message was over... It had really just begun.

Pastor Tim asked that anyone who had lost their job and needs a job to stand up.  He said this was a time to receive, even though the task of standing for many would be humbling and even difficult to do. He asked that the church body go to the standing men and women and tangibly express God's love and goodness through prayer, encouragement and generosity.

Several across the room stood, including my husband. As I sat there holding River in my arms, my eyes begin to fill with tears.  It didn't take long to see that Wade was doing the same.  I tried my best to look around the auditorium and actually pray for those standing, but as many gathered around Wade, I could not contain my emotion.  I had to quickly close my eyes and begin thanking Him.  I was soon surrounded myself by prayer warriors.  Praying over our family, speaking words of faith and wisdom into our family and finances.  As my hands reached out to receive God's goodness during prayer, others reached in to hand me money, gift cards and even a phone number that said to call them for encouragement.  I was embraced by a woman that I had greeted at the beginning of the service who was attending our church for the very first time.  As she wrapped her arms around me I felt like I had known her for years.  She wept with happiness and joy that only Christ can provide.

We were blessed with an abundance of monetary gifts and even more blessed with a spiritual empowerment that only Christ can give.

I myself wept.  Wade wept even harder.  We were truly overwhelmed today. We saw God's goodness and our church saw "the ugly cry." Yup, we were a mess.  Wade and I could not believe what had just taken place.  The fact that others would wait in line to give to those in need... Amazing Love.

I know that this blog, that my words can't even begin to do justice for His goodness.  But I sure wanted to try.

His many ways of provision have been evident in the days following Wade's job loss.  But Today... His radical, overwhelming, ever encompassing, never ceasing LOVE was shown to us in a way that we will NEVER forget. 

He loves you too and He is ready to pour out His goodness in YOUR life as well.

We pray blessings over each giver, each receiver and we declare VICTORY over each person's life in our church... you truly showed Christ today.

We are thankful.

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