The Nursery Reveal.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's 4am and I am sitting on my couch staring out the large picture window in my living room and I can literally hear a hoot owl outside.  Yes, really.  At first I thought it was a pitiful dog.  But it's not.   It's almost picture perfect besides the fact that am I up at the crack of dawn and this early morning thing is totally not my idea of fun.  But after laying in bed for an hour with non-stop kicking in my belly and contractions, I could no longer lay still.

Don't worry.  I may or may not be in labor.  It's only my 4th child so surely I am not expected to know when my body is in labor, right?  I mean I have only had contractions since 32 weeks and I may have only texted my friend Ashley who is on stand by 3-4 times swearing that it was "go time."

I find it pretty funny myself.  I guess the excitement and the readiness overtake me and all of a sudden a few consistent contractions MUST mean that its time to pack the car, clean the house and hype up 3 very small children for no reason at all.  Oh, the memories.  Yesterday, Emma Jane said that if Porter was still in my belly at her birthday, could I still go down the water slides?  Her birthday is in APRIL people... poor child is as ready as I am for this little babe to come out.

And now, I am out of words to write.  I thought under the light of the moon and the singing from the owl that it would be a writer's paradise and that words would start flowing.  But all I can think about is breakfast and how it should be served no matter what time you wake up.  Which is why I think God gave me a family... otherwise I may be a Marriot traveler just so that I can wake up to the complimentary breakfast and coffee.

If you don't know me by now here is one thing you can learn... I hate to cook.  Period.


I wanted to wait and show you once the final touches were in place and when every picture was hung nicely on the wall... but as I have realized with this whole house transformation, that "our thing" is always a process.  And money doesn't grow on trees.  So if I waited until my idea of "perfection" you would probably see the nursery reveal when baby #4 is two years old.

So here you go...

When just one crazy baby slept in this room.

This room is the darkest room in this whole house.  I knew that we needed something to lighten up the space.  However, it is a great place to take a nap.

This sweet mobile was hand-made by a dear friend.  
One of my favorite gifts.  Ever.

The verse that inspired our 3rd born's name... 
River Beth.

See those hideous closet doors?  Those can be found in every room of this whole house and redoing the nursery was the perfect excuse to get rid of the first set!!  
Oh, and take note of the chew marks on the crib. 

This dresser was mine when I was a little girl.  My father in law painted it darker brown when Emma Jane was born, but it was wayyyy past a color change.  However I love that each of my children have at one time had a piece of my own nursery in their room.

 And the walls.  Almost a year ago, my Wade Nagy patched all the nail holes and place where the 1970's wall radios were found.  And I have been looking at these spots ever since.  A great reminder of the "process."


I started with painting the dressers.  I used Annie Sloan Paris Gray paint and clear wax and allowed for some light, very light distressing.  

I also changed the knobs (which were originally spray painted black) with touches of Silver Guilders Paste.  (I have raved about this product here)

It's so easy and fun.

Wade Nagy got busy with the wainscoting and the new closet doors.  Because he is a builder, he snagged this wood and closet door for less than $200.  Perks for sure.

My friend, Ashley, scored this awesome twin bed from one of their flip houses, just as I was getting tired of waiting for one.  But then He provided as always.  This freebie was worth the wait.  

I lightly sanded to remove the shiny finish and then painted with Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and clear wax.  I considered distressing, but decided I wanted to stick to the solid look.
You can always sand later.

And then to my surprise, I was given this beauty.  My friend, Hannah, gave me this to sell in our vintage furniture booth but I knew when my eyes met this pretty thing that it was going no where except the nursery.  And I love it.
(color:  Paris Gray)


Next came the dreaded crib.  I actually thought about spray painting it because I was totally overwhelmed by all of the bars and my 37 weeks pregnant belly.  

But then I found this tutorial on a gray wash technique using Annie Sloan and I couldn't turn down the challenge.

Start by lightly sanding the crib's finish off.  Remember the chew marks?  I do not want that happening again.  So I sanded the top bar all the way down to the original wood in hopes that the paint will adhere and last through the future chewing.  I am hopeful, for now anyways.

Then, apply your first coat of Annie Sloan, French Linen.  I applied two coats for extra coverage.  
Then apply a thin coat of clear wax.

I did not allow the wax to fully dry before I started with the next color.  
Mix 1 part, Paris Gray with 4 parts Old White.  

Lightly apply gray/ white paint mixture and wipe off as desired with a wet rag.  You will immediently see all three colors (French Linen, Paris Gray and Old White) come through giving you a white washed gray look.  

I then applied a second coat of clear wax and a little extra where some chewing may occur.

And pretty soon you will have this...

Big difference, huh?

Now on to the rest of this darling makeover.

The bedding was a surprise gift from my friends who I love so much.  I totally cried when I opened the big, brown UPS box on the day of my shower brunch.  I felt so loved at that moment.
You can find this Pottery Barn Bedding Set (here).

And this perfect monogram is from one of my favorite places, Southern Nest.  
This gal can pretty much do anything to add style to any home.  
She is amazing and you should totally venture on over to her website.

And honestly... these iPhone pictures just do not do this room justice.  

And here is my precious 3rd born sleeping in her big girl bed for the very first time.  We wore her slap out at the beach, then laid her down in her bed for nap.  She cried for 2 seconds and then we captured this sweet moment.  Trust me, this is the only time this angel is still.

And one last comparison and then hopefully I can get some sleep on the couch as I no longer can see the moon which tells me morning is just around the corner.  Along with the 5:23 am on the clock.

Just need a rug similar to this one and some wall decor, but already this is one of my favorite rooms in this whole house.

NOW come on baby Porter.

carry it well.

Monday, October 13, 2014

my last post was august 10th.  over two months ago.  so much has happened during our time apart i'm sure, but as of now there is only one thing that i can think of that is still the same.

i. am. still. pregnant.

my actual due date is not until the 20th of october, but yes, i am one of the many that has fallen into the belief that MY baby will arrive early and completely deprive me of those last few agonizing weeks of swollen feet and the need for an oxygen tank in order to walk from my house to the car.  but she hasn't.  she is nice and snug and i have come to acknowledge the idea that she may be in there for the long haul.  40 weeks that is it.
no more.  any more than that should never be allowed.

the reason why i was compelled to open my laptop instead of snoozing on the couch was despite all of the moaning and groaning i just did in the above paragraph, i actually wanted to write about this beautiful thing called pregnancy.

i have never really enjoyed pregnancy if we are being transparent.  i say that with so much delicacy because i know that a lot of people would wear my complaints, plus some just in order to be pregnant.  so please hear my heart on this.  i am so lucky to be able to carry my own children.  however, it's tough.  i will never tell another women or my kids for that matter that being pregnant is a piece of cake.  if there is a side effect of being pregnant, i have experienced it.  sure on the outside, i carry my belly well, i don't gain a ton (only 50lbs, but i am tall) of weight... but on the inside my body trembles at the thought of being pregnant one more time.

i knew the day i found out about baby #4, that our family was complete.  i just knew it.  my husband and i never would have guessed that one day we would be a family of 6.  there was even a day, believe or not that we considered only having ONE child.  i honestly can't imagine how differently our life would have been, had God not changed those plans.  if you had asked me 6 years ago a few things i would NEVER do, those things would consist of driving a mini-van, homeschooling, giving birth naturally and buying fruit snacks in bulk just to have something to throw backwards while driving around the hungry vultures in the back.
those are just to name a few.  and i have done all of them and then some.

but pregnancy.  i sit here and my whole body hurts, my varicose veins are bulging up at me and i have to pee.  for the 100th time today.  but i stare at my belly in disbelief that God would choose me to do this, not once, but 4 times.  that he would choose me to carry life.  life in which He created.  life in which He has purposed.  He chose me to nurture, feed, soothe and actually BRING life into this world.  i don't know why.
i don't have to know why in order to know that it is B I G.  very big.

i wanted to write this blog being very pregnant.  because one day i will miss the ability to tangibly carry life.  i may even miss the swollen ankles and the jacked up thyroid.  but i know that as this season of "toughness" leaves and a new season of life enters the nagy home... that one day i will look back and think how quickly these last 9 months flew by.  how quickly the last 10 years have gone.  and so on.

that no matter the struggle, the outcome will be good and it will be blessed because that is what my God has promised me.

it occurred to me that in a few weeks or whenever this babe decides to make her debut, that i will no longer carry tangible life on the inside of me.  and there is a part of me that gets very sad at this one thought...

but then i remember that i carry life in a whole different way.  life that is in my words, my actions, how i raise my kids and the justice that i stand for.

whether you are pregnant with your first child, your 4th or you have never been pregnant in your whole life, YOU carry life.  you as a woman, carry meaning.  you have the ability to change the lives of others by what you stand for, what you take action upon and what you do to change the world we live in.  we can either sit around and complain about swollen ankles and or current circumstances, or we can get up, walk through the swollen places in our life and move on toward bigger and better things.  never do we as women, have to sit and do nothing.  He created us with a passion to carry life, His greatest possession.
i think that qualifies us to stand up and make a difference.

i want to encourage you that just as this one season of change for me is ending, a new season of life is just around the corner.  the areas that i am leaving behind, may make me sad, but the new is going to bring much joy and satisfaction.  just as in any part of our life, when one thing dies, God is bringing about something new, something alive, something that is going to bring you growth and enjoyment.

let what is dead in your life be removed and move on.  He is ready to bring about something new.
debt, divorce, failure, you name it... whatever it is that you are carrying, carry it no more and choose to carry life as a woman of faith.

that is why HE created YOU.  you only get one life.  so carry it well sisters.



and here are a few of the amazing images of my very 1st maternity shoot that my friend blessed me with.
i am beyond thankful to have captured my last baby bump on camera.

and yes... that rainbow is real.  not photoshop.  another reminder of HIS ever so real promises.

ONE year later in This Whole House.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A little over ONE year ago, July 4th, 2013 weekend we moved into our first home here at the beach.  After nearly 2.5 years of renting, we were ready for the undertaking of renovating an old home and turning it into a home of character and style.  Although the journey has not been as quickly as hoped, I am amazed to look back over the first year and see what all we have accomplished.  I think it's important to do this in all areas of our life... it reminds us of the many blessings that outweigh the circumstances that try to bring us down. 

I remember moving day felt a lot like a game of Tetris.  Lots of stuff with no where to go.  I think I cried a few times from all of the emotions.  Thankfully Pastor Sam gave me a big hug that day and told me how much he loved my house.  Even if it were a lie, I needed to hear that.

You can see all of the BEFORES on closing day of This Whole House (here). 

Just two days after this picture was taken we celebrated a sweet ONE year olds birthday.  

I think we managed to clean it up pretty well.  Just hope no one looked in the garage that day. :)

We soon found out that the previous owner of our new home, had 4 German Shepherds, hence the horrendous smell in the garage.  First step was a good pressure washing and painting the brick.  It took the smell right out and thanks to my father-in-law we had some free labor.

We purchased speciality paint from Sherwin Williams so that the brick would not absorb the paint.


And not that it was necessary, but we HAD to paint the ceiling blue.

Then, the doors.  Which I was able to do.

See the gray brick.  Made such a huge difference and made the garage feel much cleaner and bigger.   There are still some things we plan to do to make this space more suitable for Wade Nagy and his many tools.

A chalk board door for the kiddos to play.  
Since they love playing in the garage instead of our huge backyard.

Next came the homeschool room/ office.  

You can see the full post on this project (here).

And who could forget that my first born gave her life to the Lord just 3 days into homeschooling and was baptized at the beach just a few weeks later.  Read this post (here).

This whole house was full of character (hear the sarcasm) when we bought it.

The old school intercom/ radio system, the wallpapered light switched and the harvest monkeys that welcomed us at the back door.  All of which HAD to go.

Our first Christmas and our first fire.  I love a real fireplace and I have never had one.  Until now.

The free pallet projects which you can read about (here).

I found myself painting lots of furniture and received lots of questions from readers,
 so you can find my Chalk Paint Tutorial (here) and the details of this awesome Play Closet (here).

DIY projects like this one (here) kept me busy throughout the winter months and the girls are so excited about sticking a red nose on this new friend at Christmas time.  
I am actually looking forward to that too. :)

We had lots of parties, play dates and celebrations, including this popular post (here) about our Frozen Party that we had for our 6 year old daughter. 

My little ballerinas completed their first full year of dance.  They made mommy and daddy so proud.  
You can see more pictures and my thoughts behind them (here).

Soon Spring arrived and the deck furniture needed some love.  Here is one of the chairs that I sanded, stained (color: Gunstock) and added a few Target Outdoor Pillows (here) which made this oldie look brand new.  
Wade Nagy built this chair back in 2002.  It's one of my favorites.  

And with all the mad skills my hubby has, Wade Nagy started his own company this year.  
River Oak Construction and Design, LLC.

LIKE our Facebook page (here) to see the latest designs.

This was one of his spring projects.  An outdoor shower.  
Now I want one.

Painting the fireplace was a last minute idea before a wedding shower at our house.  
You can read about this post (here) and find out about the frustration I had while painting brick.

 And finally, our first year had come to an end.  And even though there was a lot that still needed completing (virtually every room except the office) we are still happy with the progress and the fact that we can call 
This Whole House our home.  

It was time to celebrate our youngest once again with a July 4th, Mickey Mouse Party.
~~July 2014~~

And finally, sometime in October, we will welcome home our 4th daughter, Porter Rae.
Therefore, our focus right now will be turning this room into a room for TWO little girls.  
I cannot wait to show you the final reveal in a few weeks!

Thanks for following our journey.  
I would love to hear your comments and ideas.