The Next 10 Years.

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This weekend Life Community Church, our church that we love, celebrated their 10th year birthday.  It was an amazing celebration for us and considering that we have only been a part of this family for the past 3 years, I can't even begin to imagine the emotion that was felt by our Pastors, Tim and Harriet.

Saturday was a day of celebration where over 500 of our church family and friends gathered to run. play, hunt for easter eggs and eat.  It was by far one of the most fun celebrations that I have been a part of.  I could describe the event down to the very last easter egg color, but it wouldn't describe the joy that was found on that soccer field.  That's because it wasn't found in all of the fun activities and hip music being played... it was found in the family that all came together to celebrate one purpose. Life Community Church has impacted one city and many more for 10 years... all from the vision that God had placed in the hearts and minds of two believers, who decided then and there, that they would answer God's calling for their lives.  And standing on that field, seeing all of those people, was like standing on the mountain and seeing two people's vision being fulfilled all because they were willing to answer Him.

Last night after we came home and put our exhausted girls to sleep, just before my head hit my own pillow, I found myself reflecting on the last 10 years of my life.  Ten years ago, I had been dating my true love for almost a year.  I was in the middle of my student teaching semester in college and was about to graduate from ASU.  I was living with my parents at the time and commuting as much as possible to Cornelius to see Mr. Wade Nagy, the man I wanted to marry.  I remember praying for a job that would bring me closer to him.

Throughout this 10 year span, I went through about 8 different jobs trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, but finally landed back at teaching first grade.  I married the man who supported every crazy decision, even the one where I thought  I wanted to be an airplane attendant, as he watched me fly myself to D.C to attend a training, all to realize that it wasn't for me.  Upon getting married, we had our first born just a year and half later and it wasn't long after that we stumbled upon Jesus again.  This was a marker in our life.  We had no idea until this point what we had been missing.  We have always loved Jesus.  But this is where we began to KNOW Him.  And it was beautiful.  Our life took a turn in ways that we had never dreamed and with each new spiritual growth, we encountered tremendous push-back.  Job-losses, dreams shattered, finances in shambles and health issues arose... but we were stronger because of Him.  We had our second born, moved to our dream city of Wilmington and brought home our third baby girl one year later.  It may not seem like much when written down, but it was quite the journey.

Today, at church we celebrated again.  And this time, involved Gluten Free Cupcakes. :) :) After church, Wade, the girls and I went to lunch.  We decided to reflect on where we wanted to be in 10 years.  This topic was completely interrupted with "where's my fork, cut my pizza and momma I gotta potty..." but we did have a few good minutes to talk.  For starters... I will be 42 and the ages of my children will range from 16 to 13.  Freaky!! And with that said, we also realized that there WILL be a day when Wade and I can actually finish a conversation.  Which made this crazy, chaotic moment seem more enjoyable and ever so fleeting.

But as for the things we don't know, the things that only God can see but things that He too shapes from the desires of our heart...  Those are the things that I want to stand on the field one day and look back and celebrate our vision, His vision and how it came to pass.

Wade and I listed several things that we want to happen in the next 10 years.  Those things will change and some will grow into other, bigger, better ideas, but it was exciting and eye opening to list those dreams out.  And for this season to be a season of where our visions actually involve our children.  They too will be standing on the field with us reflecting on what God has done.  We truly believe that the last 10 years of our life has been a training ground for us and that moving forward into the next 10 years, it will be a time to really be used by and for His Kingdom.  That all of those moments of trial, we will soon see such fruit and blessings come from it and that in turn will win others to Jesus Christ.

So as our church has said all weekend long...


What do you want to make of your next 10 years?

The moment when River realized there was candy in the eggs.

 Two very serious BFF's.  They sure do love life.

 Rock Climbing... I still can't believe EJ did this.

And Sunday Morning cupcakes in the mall.  
Cause that is where our church is... the mall.  Love it.

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  1. I love this post and have NO DOUBT that God is going to use you and Wade to do BIG things for His name. I'm so glad to know you and your beautiful heart, even if it is just over the computer. You are a blessing to so many and your words speak of LIFE and love...and I'm grateful!

    1. Thank you sweet friend!! I love that you are such an encourager to me and others. I am excited to see what God brings in both of our lives over the next 10 years. :):)

  2. Love it- can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings to your family! Love reading about them :)