Porter Rae

2:57:00 PM

As i take a break from work this week, i want to catch up on documenting some memories.  because remember, although i love when God uses this blog to speak and touch others, i write because i love looking back on these words and remembering the past seasons, the past celebrations, the hard places and the journey that our family has been on.  I love reading about the many milestones my daughters have achieved and the memories they have made, whether they remember them or not.  and I especially love the pictures.  those once upon a time chubby cheeks that my girls once possessed are priceless memories and I would totally be devastated if blogger ever pulled the plug on this whole blog thing...

so here is our latest work of pure awesomeness, sweetness and just plain beautiful little girl that God has given us to parent.  born october 19, 2014 and already prepared and destined for greatness.

Porter Rae has already brought so many blessings and has grown so much since these beautiful pics were taken.  I am so excited that we get to raise these world changing mamas.  
These are truly the bestest of days.

Photography by Eric Boneske Photography. He is one talented dude.

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