Turning TWO with Dor-O!!!

10:55:00 AM

Emma Jane celebrated her 2nd birthday with family, friends and as she would say, "Dor-O" the Explorer this past Saturday. She loved being outside running around and ate lots of junk food! Once again...the anticipation of the cake was great...but eating it was a different story! Once the cake hit her plate she pushed it away without any hesitation, a replay of her 1st birthday...

Our girl would much rather have a chocolate chip cookie!

After cake, we attempted to open presents, but mommy did most of the work. A "Dor-O" doll did manage to catch her attention, but then it was back to running around. We opened the gifts once more that evening and she was much more attentative and loved everything!

We gave all the kids their Dora backpacks filled with "The Map" and other goodies and they all went for an Easter Egg hunt... even though Easter was over. They can never get tired of an egg hunt...plus it was another way to get rid of all the eggs we had:)
Lela enjoyed the day as well. She was passed from person to person and hung out in the carrier for most of the afternoon. Her and Emma Jane both came in and crashed for the evening!
When the kids go to bed at 6:30...you know that you threw a good party!

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