Lions, Tigers and Giraffes????

3:05:00 PM

New Perth Preschool ventured out to the Lazy 5 Ranch this past week for a school field trip! Emma Jane loved MOST of the animals...she wasn't to fond of the buffalo with the mammoth tongue that wanted to eat her toes! Nor was she to fond of the giant ostrich...nor was mommy! She loved the zebras and giraffe... and of course the chickens. However, her favorite part of the whole day was when we left the ranch and went to Chic fila for "pries" and "chic chic"... I wonder if she has associated that her favorite food comes from her favorite animal???

Lela had a great time "hanging" out at the ranch as well! She stayed in her Jeep carrier most of the day and came really close to being pecked by the ostrich!

After a day full of animal fur, pellet food, sunscreen, and sanitizer... we were exhausted and all came home for some indoor relaxing! We had a great time and cant wait until next year!

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