The Beach Life...

1:49:00 PM

Off to Mamaw and Papaw's house we go... It sure is a perk that they live at the beach! Emma Jane was full force when "surfing" the waves. She wasn't scared one bit...I think I was more timid they she was. After all, I was the one that got tumbled by the waves, not her... Ha! She played in her kiddie pool, ate lots of food and built sandcastles until she was stubbling around in fatigue. Nap time was much needed at the end of each day!

Lela loved having her very own play wagon... she chilled under the umbrella most of the day. She played in the kiddie pool, slept in mommy's arms and ate lots of sand! She loved how her feet felt in the cool sand. One day, daddy had to take a ride to get Free Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Chic Fila, in order to get her to take a nap... she was then good to go for the rest of the afternoon.
My girls love some "chic chic" and "pries!"

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