Chooo Chooo with Dor-O

11:15:00 AM

We spent the day with Dora the Explorer and Diego at Tweetsie Railroad in Boone, NC! Emma Jane was so excited to see Dor-O and Choo Choo that I think she may have exhausted some of her energy on the ride to Boone. When we got there, she had lost some of the excitement, but soon regained it when she saw the Dora sign at the entrance. We hit the "choo choo" first, which both Emma Jane and Lela loved. Emma kept her hand over her mouth during all the cowboy shooting! After the train ride, it was off to see Dora. She enjoyed watching the show, but was mostly interested in her peanut butter sandwich, which was long overdue! It was a fun-filled Dor-O day!

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