Holy Cow!

4:55:00 PM

In this economy, everyone is trying to save a buck or two... that is why it is sooooo amazing the generosity and giving spirit of our FAVORITE restaurant, Chic Fil A! They truly exemplify a Christian attitude...

In honor of "Cow Appreciation Day" they gave away free MEALS just for dressing like a cow! So of course the Nagy family could not let this opportunity pass us by...

We proudly brought out the black spots and wagging tails and ventured out for a free, delicious meal! Emma Jane made sure to greet everyone with a cheerful "moo" and was very anxious to order her "chic chic." Even Lela participated...but of course daddy cow had to enjoy it for her!

Needless to say... we all left with a full belly and a waggin' tail!

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