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Writing is like exercising.  You set your mind to something and you go strong for it.  Your excitement surpasses all of the other business you have going on and you make every effort to succeed.  But then... something comes in to your path and knocks you out of routine and before you know it a few days has turned into a few weeks, months even before you recognize that your once excited passion has been bombarded with other life moments.  So what is this thing that has come into our life and suddenly rearranged my days...


Yes... we are expecting baby #3 around July 19th of next year.  We are super excited and the girls are even more excited about the news.  We are still very early, so prayers are always appreciated.  This pregnancy has been very different from the others.  I have been really sick and even more tired, but I honestly feel like the Lord is using this "trying time" to mold and shape me before the baby comes.  I am going to have to learn how to slow down and breathe in life. 

Life is all around us and it is not always found in the cleanliness of our home or the healthy food that we present to our children.  Life is found upstairs in a play room that you cannot see the floor or in the moments that you see one child pray for another child to feel better.  Life is found in the moments you get to spend with the people that you love or when you get to pray for someone unexpectedly.  Life is found even in those moments when you are so nauseous you cannot get off of the couch.  You feed your kids breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner while laying on the couch cuddling with two precious love bugs that don't seem to notice your sickness because that are so enthralled with their time with mommy. 

Besides the sickness and fatigue being different, the news of this baby was presented in a really cool way.  I had never been able to take a home pregnancy test to show that I was pregoNever worked.  A dear friend of mine prayed one day with me over the phone after I told her that I may be pregnant.  Her words were simple.  She prayed that Wade and I would get the simple joy of reading a home pregnancy test and that we would not have to go to the doctor for blood work.  That very next day, we sat in the bathroom with jaws open looking at those two pink lines.  We were so shocked that we did what only two parents would do.  We went to the doctor to confirm.  I wonder if God was laughing at us... thinking "there I just answered their prayer and they have got to go and get another confirmation."  Thankfully the Lord made us with a sense of humor, so I know He has one. 

We then had some issues with insurance, which caused us to have to postpone our first appointment until we could get things figured out.  I found myself stressing about this and really in a not so good kind of place.  Just before Thanksgiving, I decided that we had to simply give it to the Lord.  He quickly revealed steps to take after the holiday and before we knew it we had our first appointment.  Now waiting.  The appointment was so far out, that I was having a hard time dealing with all the sickness and all I wanted to do was see that precious baby.  I thought about Mary.  How difficult it must have been to know that as a virgin, she was pregnant with a child.  And not just any child, but the Son of God.  I know for myself, I usually do not start showing until week 16-18 (except this time around), so can you imagine having to rely completely and whole-heartily on the voice of God and believe with confidence that you are indeed pregnant??  I mean she didn't even have a mirror to compare her belly from day to day... such faith

Then came the ultrasound...  It was funny how Wade and I did not need any direction in seeing what all of the "parts" were of the baby.  I guess after 3 times, it begins to be natural.  Let's just pray that the delivery works out the same. 

So that is the NEW news in the life of the Nagy's.  I am going to try and write more, but until some of the fatigue wears off, I am going to say that if I get the bed made, it's been a good day.  Until then, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  By the way... I plan to look over my last year resolutions.  I may have to squeeze some in before the ball drops.  How about you?


By the way... I had promised a few of you readers that my lovely husband Wade, was going to share a really awesome story with you about the Miracles of God.  Just one of the many miracles.

But getting my husband to sit down and write a blog is even more challenging than getting a pregnant wife to cook dinner.

So hopefully soon... you will hear this amazing story.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for updating! I love hearing about your family and your life! Hugs to you all!