The List.

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This year, I said that I wasn't going to make a long list of resolutions and just focus on "Our Daily Bread."  Well, as I laid on the couch to take my daily pregnancy nap... I realized that I haven't even glanced at last year's resolutions to see how I did.  Being the competitive person that I am, a nap no longer took priority and the need to see how many "check marks" I got seemed more important. 

I have to say... I did pretty good.  Most years, by the second month I have already forgotten my resolutions.  I am not sure that this year was any different... after all, I don't recall even looking at this list of "goals" after the 1st part of the year.  So what made this year more successful than others

I recall praying about my 2011 resolutions and as I look back today on the list, the ones that I "completed" were not just goals that I set for myself.  They were dreams and desires of my heart.  Things that I was earnestly praying about.  Things that were so meaningful to my heart, that it was more than just a resolution.  It was a prayer request.  So really I didn't complete the "checklist" at all.  My mighty Savior did.  He is the one that made this past year a success and took my requests farther than I could have ever imagined.  So He gets the credit this year... I just made the list. 


Well, now that I am awake, I might as well go ahead and make a new list. 
God... here you go.  May you take the desires of our heart and multiply it as you see fit! 

1.  Achieve Perfection. 
Not me, but my heart towards the Lord. 
May He mold me and guide me as He has perfectly planned.

2.  Buy a house.
Whether that means renting another year or venturing into home ownership, I pray that God will guide us.

3.  Teach Ej how to ride a bike.
Yes Lord, I need help with this.

4.  Debt Free.
This will come in due time, but I know God has a plan for this in our future. 
And the result... blessing the socks off of people.

5.  Clean less, Play more. 
Especially at the beach. 

6.  Learn how to fish. 
My husband loves it.  So I want to love it with him. 

7.  Build enough courage to pray for strangers. 
Like actually pray with them.  Out loud.

8.  Expand our family.
This should be easy since we are expecting baby #3.  But I want to go deeper...  I want to watch each other expand in our walk with Christ.  Encouraging one another and watching each other grow.

9.  Do a half marathon. 
This one transferred from last year to this year.  Keep trying right?

and finally...

10.  Be healed and whole from Hoshimoto's disease. 
I am firmly believing that God has me on a path of educating me physically and spiritually and that I am already a over comer.


There you have it! 
What are you seeking the Lord for this year?


The Nagy Family :)

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