Erasing the Year...

9:26:00 PM

For the last two years I have written New Years posts and it amazes me how far God has taken my family and the fact that I am still blogging... I hardly ever stick to things like this.

I saw a post today on Facebook about a New Years tradition in Grenada.  A friend recently moved there (I actually have no idea where "there" really is...) and she said that they refer to NYE as the "Old Year." She then went on to say that she actually enjoyed this because it caused her to reflect on all that God has done...

So 2012...

Last NYE I wrote all of our dreams, goals, resolutions and prayers on a chalk board in our kitchen.  I meant for this to stay up only for a few weeks, but the words that couldn't leave our heart, also stayed on the board in front of us.  Although, we definitely didn't take notice daily, we did often talk about it, dream about it and on occasion even doubted it.  We often wondered how much of "it" would actually be fulfilled this year... or any year at that.

6 months into the year, I began to underline some of the things that I felt like had been accomplished.  This was around the time that River was born.  Through diet and medicine, I could literally begin to feel God's healing hand over my autoimmune disease.  Income had increased, but then was suddenly taken back when Wade lost his job, just 4 weeks after River was born.  I have to be honest, when this happened in our minds we thought that these "requests" or dreams were going to have to be put on hold.  However, it was during this time that God showed us most of these, either through His love for us or the love of others.

We experienced such a pour out of love from friends, family and church members that exceeded anything that we had ever experienced.  Wade and I witnessed the tangible presence of God like never before... even when things seemed "quiet" we still knew that He was with us.  Looking back, we grew in wisdom even when we felt like "our world" was crashing in on us.  I watched Wade dig into His Word and grow into the things that God is calling him towards.  I watched my girls learn and love Jesus and call on him in times of need and healing.  I watched my family pick themselves back up when we fell down and move forward with very little "bruising."  I watched our life here in Wilmington take shape and we knew without a doubt that God had placed us at "home."  When I would find myself with a loss of joy, a friend would often lift my spirits or a good hour with the Lord would refresh my soul.   When diapers were unaffordable and wipes were almost gone, a package would show up at my doorstep or a check in the mailbox.   Learning to cry out to the Lord in the time of need is much more effective than just crying.  As tough as it is to walk through financial uncertainty... it's impossible to do without the Lord.  Although Wade and I have experienced this before we grew even more and it is through these experiences, trails, tears and even some doubt, that we gained wisdom, truth, joy and alignment.  All of which is going to catapult us into 2013.

I know for certain that THIS year is going to be the year of success, renewal and promise.  I know that 2013 is going to bring us great things spiritually, physically and financially and I am eager to see what God has in store for us...

So while I may not erase the memories of 2012... It's time to erase the board and move on to bigger and better things for 2013,

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  1. Oh my goodness Tiffany! I hardly know you but this brought such encouraging tears of inspiration and hope! So blessed to know you.. Have already learned so much from you and Wade, just by watching your actions and words towards one another!

  2. Amen! Great revelation of our Father at work & what dependence brings us.