Picking up a Stranger.

10:03:00 PM

Today was a rough day with homeschool.  Between a teething baby, a hyper toddler and an eager Kindergartner who asks about a million questions per second... this mama was spent by mid morning.  I realized soon that in order to keep any sanity I had left, I was going to need a break.  So we did what any mom would do... we headed out to Chickfila.

We ordered our food, ate too much and played hard.  It was just the break we all needed.  After a much smoother afternoon, we then had dance class.  I dropped Ej off at dance, did a few errands and then it was time to pick her up.

On my way to pick Ej up, I noticed that the server lady from Chickfila was standing at the nearby bus stop.  I heard a still small voice tell me I should offer to give her a ride.  Running late as usual, I simply told God that if she was there on my way back home, I would stop and ask her.  What I didn't know was that Wade was going to surprise us at dance class and treat us to a donut afterwards.  Therefore... I forgot about the lady and I especially forgot about the "still small voice."

But then something crazy happened...

Ej was invited back to her dance studio for a special worship night (which was unplanned), so around 5:30 we headed back out.  And the Chickfila Server?  She was still there... same bus stop, but almost an hour and a half later.  So what did I do?  I drove by her again.  I drove all the way to the dance studio to put my car into park and think... I am literally ignoring God.

I put the car in reverse, told Ej she would have to be late to her worship night and drove towards the Chickfila Server.  I realized as I was pulling up to her that I was never afraid of picking up a total stranger.  I mean she works as Chickfila... so she has to be nice right?  I was however saying no to God due to time.  I knew it was time that I get on His clock... not my own.

I pulled up, introduced myself, reminded her of my earlier Chickfila visit and asked her if she needed a ride.  Her face lit up and before I knew we were chatting away in my car.  What I didn't expect was how quickly we would begin to talk about the Lord.  I had mentioned Ej's worship night, which led to a conversation about my church, which led to deeper talks about healing and miracles.  I listened to her testimony of how God had touched her physical body and completely healed her.  I also listened how He had taken her out of homelessness and had changed her destiny.

The crazy miracle... she had asked the Lord the night before for Him to lead her to a church home.

There you have it.  Prayer answered.

Before I dropped her off at her destination, she said that she was so thankful that God had sent me to her.  I even joked and told her that I am sorry that I made her wait a whole hour.  That I should have listened the first time.  She kindly said she believed all things were in His timing.

Funny.  They should always be in His timing.  Not our own.

Oh and Ej... she wasn't even that late to her worship night.  Just so happened that the worship night started an hour later than originally planned.

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  1. Wow! I am crying and bucket of tears. Precious story! God is so good and well done good and faithful servant!

  2. Wow. Crying. LOVE this. the Holy Spirit at work only to bring God the glory!!! this is such an encouragement and a reminder for us all to listen for (and obey) God's whisper.