Your baggage may NOT fit.

4:15:00 PM

Today amidst the homeschooling, the christmas shuffle of getting it all done and the baby juggling, I somehow managed to just sit.  And instead of sitting in front of the tv, digesting a pound of corn chips (I have never done that before), I decided to open up my computer and read some old blog post (like this one).

It was liberating.  There is something so great about having these stories on screen so that I can actually look back and see all that we have been through as a family and how far God has taken us.  It's all about perspective people.  If we can retain perspective in life, it truly allows us to sit in a place of thankfulness.

Last week our pastor's wife delivered a powerful message of what we should leave behind this year and what we should carry into the New Year.  It really hit home for me.  I have always done the goals and resolutions for the New Year, but I have never pondered on what baggage I should leave at the door before walking through the new.  Make sense?

In other words… what crap can I leave out of my life in order to make room for the abundance of goodness that He is just ready to give me.

So I am making a list of all the things that I am leaving behind.


1.  Negativity in front of the mirror.  No more will I stand in front of that huge, bathroom mirror and pinch back the places that I would love to see gone.  I mean… how I never saw this as a bad start to my day is crazy.  BUT… no longer.  I will embrace confidence and I will force myself to say nice things about the image He created.  After all, I am created in His likeness.

2.  The need to be the "fixer."  When I am told a "problem" my first reaction is to "fix it."  Which nine times out of ten, usually leaves me stressing about how I can be the one to make things better when in reality I really need to be looking to Jesus and speaking life into the situation first.  After I do that… then just maybe HE will give me wisdom as to how to fix it or peace to just stay out of it and let it be.

3.  Throwing the "maybe one day's…" out the window.  I cannot tell you how many things we have put on the back burner because "now is not the season..." or "one day when we have enough money we will…" We plan to be more intentional this year about planning purposeful vacations and fun activities as a family.  I have decided to write down 4 things I would like to see our family do this year.  And instead of being frantically worried about how we are going to pay for it or make time for it, I have decided to lift it up to the Lord for help.  In advance and not just two weeks before.  I know you've done it too.  I am willing to bet we will be much more successful this year about seeing our family fulfill some of the desires of our hearts.

4.  Saying NO to comparison.  I am going to try really hard to go into this year not worried about what others think.  Too often I am wondering about my purpose, am I doing enough or am I a good mother.  If I really reflect on the root of all thsese questions… most of the time they stem back to the opinion, or even worse the comparison of others.  I am going to tune my ear to what HE says, verses what others think.

5.  Sayonara shyness.  I know some of you who know me well are thinking I'm crazy by saying that I am shy.  But that's because you've either known me a long time and I feel comfortable around you OR I barely know you and that gives me enough freedom in "faking" it.  Yup, I said it.  So shyness must leave.  No longer will I feel intimidated by walking into a room full of strangers or doing something that I have never done before.  I am going to welcome Boldness into my life.  And I am willing this will improve once I start at #1.


So let's recap.

I plan to leave all the above baggage at the door and pick up the new stuff, the good stuff and carry it into the New Year.  Because as my pastor's wife said it best… "There is only so much you can fit through the new door that God has waiting for you."  

Therefore, you may have to lay some stuff down if you really want to travel toward your awaiting destiny.  
I know I do.


...My NEW luggage for 2014 (starts now)…

Have a positive self image ~
~ Let Jesus fix it while I rest in His answer ~
~ Be Intentional ~
~ Embrace who God has called ME to be ~
~ Seek Boldness ~


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