I want my Grass Greener.

3:34:00 PM

Last summer we moved into this whole house of ours.  It was a lovely Ranch style home overtaken by the monsoon of jungle that wrapped all the way around the house.  I remember shortly after moving here that there wasn't a single window that you could not see some sort of vine or shrub slowly creeping up it.  And the grass.  Whoa.  It was green and lush and pretty much all weeds.  Yup, not much grass to be seen.  However, that late in the summer our only option was to mow and keep it mowed as it grew like wild flowers.  I mean dandelions.

I am a daughter of a landscaper.  Having pretty grass, you know with the stripes and all, is just how I know to do things.  I usually never notice the weeds in the neighbors yard, but the ones in mine, they taunt me and tease me and literally drive me crazy.  I was actually thankful when winter came and the whole jungle became dormant.

Now, it is Spring.  And things are finally starting to take shape.  Wade Nagy spent a whole weekend last Fall trimming and practically butchering off every shrub surrounding the house and as you can see it paid off this Spring.  Our plan is to add a shrub, a flower, here and there until we have the beds full and colorful.  But this is a start.  Especially from last year.

We had trimmed some on the round shrubs, but the others were just overwhelming.
There was a walkway in there!

The day of closing... mowing the yard HAD to be done first.  Next furniture.

Much less shrubs.

However, the grass is hideous.  

We went from a lush weed garden to a dry and barren desert.

We have used weed killer and slowing the weeds are dimensioning.  However, grass doesn't magically grow in the bare spots and it is looking like we may have to wait until Fall since the summer heat has already began to set in.

I was thinking about how ugly the yard is and I was actually embarrassed about it.  I am having a wedding shower at my house in a few weeks for a friend and I am a little ashamed to invite them to the Sahara.  However, it dawned on me just like everything else that this is a process.

I want the green grass and I want it now.  But the reality of it is that it takes time.  You have to work diligently, be patient and the seed has to be planted at the right time. Otherwise you are planting seed that will never grow.

Get where I am going with this?

So often we want our dreams and desires to come to pass right now.  We look across the road at our neighbors and see that theirs is beautiful and lush and we wonder why it isn't happening for us.  We want to be in our God-given destiny and we want it NOW.  We can see it, feel it and we are eager.  But the timing just isn't quite right.  We have to learn to wait on His timing.  As hard as it is.  We don't have to understand it and honestly I don't think the Lord wants us to.  He wants us to fully trust, rely and obey.  Then at the proper time, the seed will be planted, it will take root and the it will grow into the beautiful thing that it was intended to be.

And this time... it will be fully "weed free,"

So as I watch the weeds fade away, I am determined to see the bare spots as areas where the Lord will grow newness.  No longer are they considered bare and dry, they are new pallets waiting for new seed to be planted so that when the time is right, the grass will grow abundantly.

You just WAIT till next Fall.

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  1. My mother-in-law goes to church with you and has been telling me to check out your blog for some time...I'm so glad I did! We have three boys and are very unexpectedly expecting our fourth baby around Thanksgiving this year (although this isn't public knowledge yet...just immediate family for now:) Anyways, we had an ultrasound a week ago that revealed two separate spots of blood...this puts me at a higher risk for miscarriage, along with other complications further down the road, if the issue doesn't resolve itself.

    We hope God will heal the bleeds with this pregnancy, just as He healed your sweet Porter..but if not, we know He is who He says He is, and we know He will give us the strength to walk this road regardless the outcome.

    Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself in case you see me lurking on the blog some! :)

    1. Hi Maria! I am so glad that you found my blog and introduced yourself. I am definitely praying for your sweet baby and I believe God to have His healing hand over your womb and that He will give you sweet peace and rest throughout this pregnancy. I know it is scary as a mom... so I am praying this dissolves soon so that you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy without worry. I look forward to meeting you in person sometime!!

  2. Tiffany, I pass by your Mom & Dad's house almost everyday. The yard is always beautiful. I like the stripes too. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes, dad works very hard to keep his stripes green and fresh! :) :)