Pallet Project.

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Several, I mean several months ago I showed you the awesome, simple and cheap pallet sofa table on the blog (here).  I also showed you the pallet sign that Wade Nagy made for me and told you how that pretty soon, I was going to do a pallet project to showcase above my mantel.

Well, over 5 months later, I am now ready to show you.  Don't worry, it only took me 5 months to start, but only one day to finish.

I am expecting baby number 4 and these days my energy is come and go and so is my patience to try new things.  But yesterday, when I awoke I felt the energy to get something D O N E.  I decided to focus my time on the long awaited pallet project that quietly awaited me on my fireplace mantel.  Plus, I have a wedding shower at my home in a few weeks and I cannot have dead grass AND and a blank pallet board displayed.
So it was time to get busy.

The boards were already put together, thanks to my man.  So the first step was to sand the boards.  So while the kids ran around in the driveway, mama got to sanding with the electric sander.  If you don't have one, this exact Dewalt sander is $40 at Lowes.  And super easy to use.

Now, the outline.  I have wanted a chic, vintage deer since they first came in style.  Part of me was afraid that by this time, they were out of style.  However, I still wanted it.  So a deer it was.  I simply printed off a design that I liked and I re-drew the deer by hand.  Now if you are not able to do this free handed, just blow up the outline as large as you can (you may have to tape the 8x11 papers together), cut out and trace around the design.

Next, the stain.  Of course I had not planned to do this project until today, so a trip to Home Depot was needed.  A fun, spontaneous field trip for these homeschoolers, of course.  I chose to use a stain because I wanted the wood to look rustic and I also knew that it was cheaper and would be much faster to apply.  I chose a gray, even though it did not turn out like I had envisioned, as far as color, I was still pleased with the rustic look.  However, that example hanging on the wall at Home Depot showing this beautiful gray color... not what happened.

Just keep adding stain until you reach the desired color.  The stain will absorb slowly into the wood.
 And finally, the fun part.  Once the stain in somewhat dry (mine was still sticky, but not wet) you can begin to paint the deer.  I used an acrylic craft paint that I had purchased a long time ago from Michaels Craft Store.  I used one coat so that it would still have a vintage feel.  Start with the outer lines and work your way in.  Don't worry about staying in every line perfectly.  Part of doing your own DIY is creating the character through your own natural flaws.

And here it is...  

Wade said that he couldn't wait to put a red nose on him during Christmas.  I kind of like that idea. 
 I think we may even name him.  Any ideas on a name?

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  1. LOVE the way this turned out!! And the best part is that my hubby would love this too!!

    1. Lisa... I knew that something that large needed to have a "masculine touch" hahaha. Thanks for the comment!!