Catching Up...

10:26:00 AM

ASU Homecoming... What is there to complain about when you have the Mountains in the Fall, Great friends and family, Tailgating, Delicious food, and ASU Football on the most beautiful campus in the world! Emma Jane and Lela loved the ASU parade that took place the morning of the game. The especially loved having Memaw and Pappy there to participate in all the festivities! Emma Jane looked adorable in her cheerleading outfit, even though it was a BATTLE to get her to wear it. She preferred her diaper and cowboy boots... she gets this from her daddy! Haha! The girls made it throughout the whole day... even Lela! Lela took a nap in her pack-n-play in the back of the Tahoe and then she was ready for game time! Although our views from the grassy hill weren't anything to brag was great to see Emma Jane get sooooo excited about football. She clapped and cheered with her pom-pom the whole time. She even participated in the "Go Appalachian" chants!

The rest of our amazing weekend was spent at Mellow Mushroom and the Blowing Rock Park... Kilwins Icecream was also a nice treat! Emma Jane went shopping in the Life is Good store and yes...she did the shopping! She went straight to the back and picked out a shirt (I was so proud...she is going to be a hippy at heart, just like her mom). She wanted to wear it all weekend! Thanks again Boone...for a memorable family vacation and reminding us once again how much we love the MOUNTAINS!
Here are also a few Fall photos...

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