Fall has arrived...

11:58:00 AM

Fall has arrived and as always we are as busy as ever! To think that things would actually slow down after summer was over... yea right! Bathing suits and splashing in the pool may be over, but now its time for ASU football games, pumpkin picking, hayrides and so much more! Emma Jane took this year's first field trip to Carrigan Farms to get a pumpkin and enjoy a hayride. She had a lot of fun seeing all of the farm animals and picking a pumpkin of her own... Although I tried really hard to get her to choose a pumpkin that would fulfil the $8.50 price tag that we had to pay for admission, she only wanted one of the smallest pumpkins in the patch! At least I made sure to get my money's worth. Lela enjoyed the ride as well, and although she didn't leave with a pumpkin, she did leave exhausted. She was asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot.

ASU Football has begun and we are going to start the girl's season off right with the Homecoming Game this Saturday. We plan to stay the weekend and enjoy some good "Boone Time" while we are there. We are hoping that after all of these trips to Mountaineer country that in about 18 years they will choose App as their #1 school of choice:)

Wade and I will have our 4th Wedding Anniversary next week, October 14th. Four years have definitely went fast...I am so thankful to have been blessed with such a loving husband and father! We plan to spend the days with the girls and possibly manage a "dinner date" for just the 2 of us!

Halloween will be here soon! Looking forward to seeing the girls dressed up (Mary had a Little Lamb) and seeing how excited Emma Jane is this year to get stocked up on all sorts of delicious CANDY! I am sure Lela will just enjoy hanging out...

I can't wait to see what all God has in store for our family this Fall!

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