Four amazing years...

10:18:00 AM

October 14th , 2006... 4 years ago today I married the love of my life... cliche right? But I can honestly say that this so often used phrase is absolutely, positively true and one of the most important decisions I have ever made in my life. Wade brings out the very best in me and always has. We met at one of the best schools in the country, Appalachian State, in 2001. We had the same friends, the same interest, but that was about it. We watched each other grow into our own person and lived our college lives without ever knowing that just 3 years later we would soon be a couple and begin the journey of our lives. In 2004, we went to a Hickory Motor Speedway Race (yes...a Hickory Motor Speedway Race) and from that moment on our lives changed. We havent spent so much as a single weekend apart since. We spent my last year of college traveling the long road from Boone to Charlotte and Charlotte to Boone more times than I could count. Wade would sometimes leave at 4am, just to make it home to go to work at 7am... Talk about "smitten..." Our dediction to one another became even more profound once I graduated and moved to Cornelius to start my 1st teaching job. Wade was such a needed support during that transition in my life and he has continued to be the everlasting support throughout. In May 2006, on a warm sunny day in Boone, Wade dropped the question on one of my favorite hillsides at Moses Cone. Although it didnt really go as planned (does it really ever?) it was the best moment in my life. This moment immediantly taught me that life isn't always planned, but it is always perfect:) This was also the case when we found out about our 1st little girl in 2007...not even a year after our wedding! Wade is a loving father of 2 beautiful little girls, a man of God that directs us in the way we should go and an enduring husband that encourages and motivates me every day. He never lets me give up... He lifts me up as a wife, mother, and inspires me to live for the Lord each day. For all of these reasons and more...I can say once again, that today 4 years ago, I married my TRUE LOVE!

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