Daddy Daughter Date Adventure

1:30:00 PM

As a new blogger, I try to write about all the important events that happen in our little family...especially the ones that deal with exciting news about the kids or things that they may accomplish or exciting places they go. Which is exactly why writing about the Daddy/ Daughter date at Chic Fila that we were all so anxiously awaiting wasn't written about... It didn't go as planned.

Wade picked her up after work, dressed to impress, delighted her with her favorite meal at Chic fila where they would have toddler conversations about the "chic chic, fries" and the "moo cow" and then take her to kid's paradise... the toy aisle at Walmart. That was the imaginary story of a date with a 2 year old...

Here is really what happened...
Wade picked her up around 5:30 for a date that was supposed to last from 5:45-6:30. The ride from our house to Chic Fila was filled with laughter and excitement about the upcoming meal. Pretty good start right? The rest of the night was down hill from there...
Arguments about playing with a glass candle, spilling over a flower vase, throwing herself in the floor, absolute no consumption of "chic chic fries" and the absolute breaking point which thankfully took place in the car loading up to come home at 6:10pm. But no worries... the screaming abruptly came to a stop before leaving the parking lot and was followed by some much need sleep.
Emma Jane was home by 6:25, dressed for bed by 6:30 and peace and quiet by 6:35... therefore the night turned from a Daddy/Daughter Date, to a much needed Daddy/ Mommy Date:)

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