A mommy moment and a busted lip.

4:43:00 PM

Mommy Moments...those times in your motherhood life that well, just make you feel like you are the worst mom in the world. I think I am safe to say that we as mother's all have them, it's just that we usually don't speak about them or publicly write about them on a blog. However, I am choosing a different path...

I figure you will either sympathize with me because it has happened to you, get a good laugh and think I am so glad that I am not her or you may even literally think I am the worst mother in the world...but I am guessing that if you chose thought #3, you haven't had your moment yet...but don't worry, it will come.

So... In efforts to start the Thanksgiving holiday early, we decided to take a family day and go have our holiday pictures made. What started off with pancakes and feeling refreshed, soon turned into chaos, clothes flying everywhere and two very rushed parents. We finally made it to the picture place (I choose to leave the name anonymous). Have you ever noticed that if you are late for an appointment it never goes unacknowledged, but if the business is off schedule, you are supposed to sit patiently and wait?? Well...just so you know, "patiently" and "waiting" are not characteristics of a 2 year old and a 1 year old. After running around the studio, trying to keep hair bows in and shoes on the feet... FINALLY... it's our turn.

Pictures...start off pretty good. Get a few smiles...some a little weird. Kids are following directions, but then I start to get the impression that we were being rushed. So in efforts to help, I decided to go ahead and tell them what I would like for them to do as pictures. After all, they are going on my wall. After a while, I start to loose my senses as a mother and start to feel like I am working in the studio, fetching prompts. I put Lela in the little white chair, the guy ask me to get her party hat and...

BOOM! Face smacks the floor all before I can seem to get my legs to move!!! It was slow motion before my very eyes and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. What immediately followed was the shrieking sound of my baby girl in more pain than she had ever known... and yes that was the ONLY sound throughout the whole studio. I think motion had stopped throughout the whole place and all eyes, ears and insults were on me.

With a short trip to the bathroom to doctor Lela's busted lip and a very long trip to the car to allow Mommy to cry, we finished up the photo shoot and got out of there. The whole way home Emma Jane said, "Mommy, Lela fell chair, boo boo and cry!" Of course I am sure this was a lot nicer than what the other people were saying. Who actually sits their 1 year old in a huge, white chair that she has never sat in before and actually listens to the 17 year old when he says to walk off and go get a party hat?!?!?!

So...to sum it up, it wasn't the best start to the holiday, but I am very thankful that a busted lip and an embarrassed mom was all that happen... both fixable and I am sure one day I will laugh at this just as I have every past "Mommy Moment."

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. um...i feel your pain! Will fell off of our bed the other day. Luckily, he wasn't hurt, however, just like the hat, I went to grab my hair dryer. Ooops!

  2. Ooops!! I guess it happens to every mom... One day we can look back and laugh at all the many "Ooopsies" we have!