Mary had the Cutest Lamb...

2:54:00 PM

This past weekend we celebrated Halloween... I know that this special occasion is usually the day when all of the monsters and goblins come out of hiding... but not the case here! Emma Jane and Lela celebrated this Halloween as Mary had a little Lamb... and it was absolutely adorable!

This was Lela's 1st Halloween... After she got used to the lamb hat, I think she enjoyed it! She didn't really partake in the free candy, but her big sis made sure to get her some (although I think she figured out that she would be the one to get to eat it!).

Emma Jane, aka Mary, had a great time twirling around in her ruffles and carrying her shepherds hook. She loved going door to door asking people for candy with her "Twick Tweek" and "Pappy Haweeeeeeen."
Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed seeing Emma Jane come "out of her shell" around strangers and walk up like a big girl to the person's door. She is usually so shy around stranger... I guess she felt incognito in her costume!
Wade also really enjoyed the Pumpkin Carving that took place at our friend's house, Matt and Jill, the night before. Wade usually goes for the more masculine theme, but decided this year for the "kid friendly" idea... Dora the Explorer! As if we don't see enough of her...ha!

It was a great Halloween! Thanks to all those that are all so willing to pass out delicious candy for no other reason than to make a kid smile!

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  1. Super impressed by the pumpkin carving. The costumes are awesome too! BTW Bronwyn just said she thinks Wade should dress up as either a house buyer or a baby next halloween (not sure where that came from, but she tends to have great ideas)! :)

  2. Thanks ashley! I will be sure to let wade know... I vote for the "baby" ha!