Reality has set in.

4:30:00 PM

I am sitting in a living room surrounded by boxes, while 2 little girls who are supposed to be napping are in their empty rooms giggling away.  My friend Ashley just left a few minutes ago in which we just finished packing the last box of stuff and set aside just the bare necessities needed for the next 2 days. 

Reality of this move has just set in.  I am filled with emotions.  My house no longer looks like my house with its bare walls, dusty floors and the overwhelming smell of cardboard.  This house which belonged to my great grandmother and grandfather, has so much sentimental value.  The memories that I have as a child running next door from Mamaw's house to get my apple from Great-Grandma and my quarter from Great-Grandpa.  The quilts that hung from the wall and the rich wooden french doors that I used to shut and pretend that I was in a room fit for a queen. 

Then, there are the more recent memories.  Unpacking all of our wedding stuff, bringing home both of our daughters from the hospital,  the endless renovations and yard work, the good moments and the not so good moments, like our first fight the day after our honeymoon.  Every dent, every aged spot or hole in the wall has a story. 

 Now it is time to pass this story along to someone else....  So with that said, my prayer is that the same blessings, the same happiness that we have experienced in this home will be passed along to the next buyer.  That she will feel the presence of God with her at all times and the she will cherish this wonderful house the same as many generations in the past... with love. 

It is time for the next chapter in our lives... but before we do, I wanted to share some photos of my favorite things about the house that has blessed us beyond words.

The kitchen renovation that was completed at 2:30am, the night before our 2nd daughter's baby dedication.  Mommy was determined that since we were having guest over... it had to be complete :)

I used to close these french doors as a kid and sit on my great-grandma's red velor sofa with it's wooden peg legs and pretend I was a queen in a castle.

This was the bathroom renovation that was completed just a few days before our first born...  another project that had to be finished.  My sweet husband... bless him!

This was the first thing we did to the house upon moving in... don't ask me why.  Maybe we had some extra numbers lying around.  Who knows... but I remember the excitement!  We stood in the front yard and was so proud of what was to come!

I had always wanted a front porch with red rockers.  For my 25th birthday, my mammaw surprised me with just that... of course Wade had to paint them (that same day).

The Wash House...
My Great Grandpa just couldn't get comfortable with the idea of indoor plumbing, so this was his headquarters.  Wade and I decided to turn it into a "Grilling Room."  This lasted until we ran out of room and then it soon became a "Storage Room."

My mammaw and pappaw Carpenter laid the sidewalk that leads to the backdoor.  It was one of his last projects before he passed away.  I think about him each time I walk up and down it.  Especially when unloading groceries.

We have charished and lost two dogs while living here.  They were like family. 
We will have another one soon.

This house, the memories, the family who surround it... those things will never be forgotten.

We are excited about the next step.  In 2 short days... I will be hopping up in a 24' moving truck with all of our belongings.  Traveling 4.5 hours to our new home, our new city and our new Godly purpose. 
The girls are excited and of course the best part is, that Wade and I get to be together again.
I am ready! 

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  1. Anonymous13.4.11

    I love you so much, gonna miss you but so very happy for you!! tori

  2. Love the posts! Keep them coming! Good luck with the move and have fun in the sand :)