Our New Adventure!

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After sorting through piles of stuff, unpacking the last box and hanging a few more pictures, I am finally sitting down at my computer. I have spent the last 2 days catching up on all of the kind facebook messages and emails from all of you readers and I cannot tell you how much your words, your prayers and your smiles have meant to me through this new transition in our lives...

Today marks the 13th day of being in our new city of Wilmington. So much has happened in the last 2 weeks that I can't even begin to write it all in one blog. But realizing yesterday that we have had so many people cheering for us in this process, I cannot let it go without filling you in on some of the highlights of our new journey.

Moving day could be a blog in itself... Wade and I were flabbergasted at the out pour of love shown on this day. Two weeks prior, I had friends coming over to help me pack up the house (this was a challenge since I had to do it by myself) so I cannot tell you how thankful I am for those ladies. Moving day consisted of many emotions, lots of cleaning and some very sweaty, hard working husbands!! We packed up our lives in a Budget Moving Truck, a van, a pick-up truck and a trailer and off to the beach we went... I have no idea where all of that stuff came from and where we had it stashed in our small bungalow. I was soon told that I was going to be nominated for the Hoarders Show on TLC :: Really?
I didn't think it was that bad...

The trip down... Wade and I were on Cloud 9. We were excited and talked the whole way about all of the amazing events that God had so perfectly orchestrated to make this day possible. However, in the minds of the cities and towns that we were passing through, there was thoughts of terror and fear. Raleigh and surrounding areas were experiencing many tornadoes and many families were losing their homes while we were traveling to our new one. I am thankful for HIS protective hand over our travels and my prayers are with those that experienced loss. We didn't even realize the devastation and the fact that we had merely passed through just minutes before the distruction took place until Monday morning when we had our TV connected.
Thankfulness and Empathy covered us that morning.

When we arrived at our new home I began to cry... We were trying to beat the storms so we were in a rush to start unloading. We slowly unlatched the backdoor to the moving truck (because we were afraid of what was going to fall out) and my friend Ashley pulled out the 1st thing :: A Doormat that said Welcome.
I found this very appropriate :)

Within just a few hours our mighty men had the truck unpacked and even though our garage looked like Sanford and Sons, us ladies had the house starting to look like a home. My friend Jill tackled the closets, while Ashley pretty much did the whole house (she LOVES this stuff) and I was just trying to take in every moment. The girls came over for a few hours and even though I am pretty sure they had no clue what was going on at the moment, they enjoyed running around in all of the extra space.

The next few days and evenings were filled with unpacking and even though we have accomplished a lot, we still have some things to do. It's coming along and we are trying to get settled, while still enjoying the reasons of why God has moved us here.

We celebrated His Resurrection with a Son Rise service on the beach. Remarkable. It was absolutely breath taking to see the sunrise over the coast, while watching my little girls turn ballerina circles in the sand with soft guitar music playing in the background. We then went to my in-laws house for lunch and did our family tradition of hiding Easter eggs. My father-in-law, Richard, loves this activity just as much as the kids and it never fails that we can never find that last egg.

We have had our 1st set of visitors already and are expecting some more lovely people to come later today. In which we will all be participating in our 1st Wilmington event... a 10K for Wrightsville Beach Farmers Market. I am super excited, but extremely nervous about the run. I plan to walk half.

So to sum it up... Our New Life in Wilmington... Here are the highlights.

:: I love the fact that I can watch GMA while cleaning up from breakfast.
:: Emma Jane has her very own BIG girl bed and has been sleeping through the night since day one!
:: The beach... LOVE IT! Enough said.
:: Our Garage. I can pull in out of the rain and unload groceries without being soaked!
:: We miss our family, but are very excited that we already have a weekend planned soon that they will be coming to visit!
:: Our purpose. Not sure of what it is, but we know that God has a plan for us in this new city. We are so excited about this part.

So THANK YOU. Thank you for experiencing this journey with us and for all of the generosity and out pour of love you have shown us. I would love to write each of you a Thank You card, but I am afraid you would not receive it until Christmas. I appreciate all of you and I pray the blessings you have given us will be returned 1,000 times to you and your families.
We love each of you.


Also, a fellow blogger friend wrote a heart-tugging piece on the devastation in her hometown in Alabama due to the massive storms and tornadoes. Please read here and join her in prayer for all of those affected. Each prayer makes a difference and matters. You can change this world with YOUR prayer!

This was only the beginning of many boxes at our old house...

Our last play date in our hometown before the move.  Going to miss this.

This wasn't taken the day of moving... that's because my camera was packed up.  Oops!
But this is our new home.  We LOVE it!

This is Lela and Emma Jane's new "heaven" ...they spend hours playing each day.  I love having the toys in one location where it looks and feels like a preschool!

This is the entry way from the front door.  I am so grateful that God has blessed us with such an awesome rental.  That's right... it's a rental.
Notice, all the pictures still left to hang.

One of the two places to sit and have a family dinner.  Wade is building the other table... one of many of his new projects :)
I have kept my father-in-law pretty busy too.  I will show off his many talents in another blog!

This is where the table will go :)

Coffee, My Bible and the screened in porch...

Our lovely backyard... and our soon to be swingset.  Like I said, one of many projects.

Easter Eggs!

My other angel was sleeping from all of the fun!

And this is what the Easter Bunny brought Wade...
It has been a blessing to me too.  I have had dinner cooked for me the last few nights!

Looking forward to sharing many more blessed moments.

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  1. Anonymous29.4.11

    So very happy for you, Wade and the girls! God is so good and has a special plan for the Nagys! Please know that you are in our prayers daily and we look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  2. I am so thankful that we were able to help you move. It was an absolute blessing! We love your family so much, and count you as our own family.s