5K's and Mermaids!

12:07:00 AM

What an exciting weekend!!!
Saturday, I ran my 2nd 5K with Wade, Tori and her family and Krissy. The nerves were less this go round and the excitement was even more profound. I was so proud of Wade and Krissy because this was their first 5K. I could relate to the emotions they had when crossing the finish line for the 1st time and their sudden need for a banana and a water after it was over. Wade of course, finished well ahead of me, but soon joined me in the later part of the race to run with me to the finish line. I also had the privilege to run the last part with Krissy and see her heart feel with emotion and gratitude of what she had just accomplished! I was so proud of her!!! The coolest part... Krissy's husband was texting her the whole time during the race with Scripture, which she said seemed to come at just the right time... the HILLS!
It was a tough course.

Then there was lots of Mermaid celebration this weekend... The Little Mermaid that is! Emma Jane celebrated her 3rd birthday "Under the Sea" style. Although, her actual birthday isn't until April 12th, we wanted to celebrate with family and friends before the big move to Wilmington.

She had an absolute blast... Enchanting Music from Ariel herself, an Under the Sea masterpiece of a cake, a treasure hunt full of a girl's favorite things ("bling" and chocolate) and of course presents. She had so much fun playing with her friends and being the center of attention. She was blessed with all sorts of awesome gifts (some of which we are going to "re-open" tomorrow so that she can actually pay attention to what she got). Watching her go from a very shy girl, to a bright, fun energetic star was amazing. I know people always say this.. but it's really like she seemed to grow older overnight. She is 3 (in 1 week), wearing big girl panties, and talking up a storm!
Being a mother is the absolute best... especially of 2 darling little girls.

After about 4 hours of food, fun and friends... the celebration was over, the girls were napping and Wade was packed and ready to go back to the beach. I stood in the empty yard, took one look around at the empty swing set and began to sob. All of the emotion of the day, came pouring down on me at once and before I knew it Wade's arms were wrapped tightly around me. I had soon realized that we had just celebrated her last birthday at the house that we had 1st brought her home to. Not only did 3 years come fast, but our time in the only home that she has ever known was soon coming to an end. With all of the excitement of the party planning, I guess I had done a pretty good job ignoring the inevitable that we are moving. The next time she runs around in bubbles, prances with her umbrella and dances with her friends... she will be in a different yard, house, city.

The day was blessed. The day was glorious. The sun was shining and I couldn't have asked for a better day. I felt that this was God's present to our daughter. I am so thankful (a little emotional), but thankful. I know that this move is going to be harder than expected, but I am excited. Great things are in store.
More birthdays, more celebrations and more 5K's! :)

The Under the Sea table decor'

Thank you to all of Ej's friends and family for all of her wonderful things!

The Unbelievable Cake!!
It was as yummy as was it was B-E-A-U-tiful!

The red wagon as been a fav since her 1st birthday. Thanks Mamaw Carpenter!

Autumn and Emma Jane
My momma and daddy... love you!

Emma Jane and the cake's creator... Tori! It truly was incredible.

Lela thought so too!

So many presents! I couldn't even keep up.

Lela enjoyed being a PRINCESS too!


I could just eat her... sweeeeet cheeks!

Ok...so this just proves that my husband waits until I am ready to take the absolute worst picture possible. It's so incredibly funny, I just had to post.

This was the beginning of the mermaid treasure hunt... they had a blast!
and so did I!

She had such a good time. True joy comes when watching your children enjoy life!


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  1. Anonymous4.4.11

    I just love you to pieces. This just put added more tears into our tearful morning. Tori