Dear Mom.

8:00:00 PM

My Mother's Day weekend was not spent with cards, or flowers or even a shed of piece and quiet for that matter.  My Mother's Day, was well, quite the opposite.  With a weekend of endless travel, two sick kids and lots of holding my precious daughter's hair back (and of course the clean-up), I guess you could say that I got a "full dose" of what it means to be a mother.  Although some facebook statuses may have voiced some of my frustration, especially on hour 9 of being in the car, I have to say that as I sit here in the quietness of the evening, my heart is full.  There is no other joy than knowing that you play such a role in your child's life.  With puke all over my jeans and puddles of it in my car, that little voice that said "Mommy, I feel better." makes every yucky minute worth while.

I remember when I was in college my freshman year.  I was already homesick, being an only child, but being the determined, stubburn person that I am, I was out to prove that I could do it on my own.  I will never forget the first time I lay in my dorm bunk bed with a horrible cold.  I missed my mom.  I knew that every pill, every cough medicine, every bowl of chicken noodle soup was much more appreciated when given by my mom  She happened to call me while I was in the bed feeling miserable and when she asked if I was okay, I quickly responded with a yes and after a few minutes of conversation I went back to my sickness. 

It wasn't 2 hours later than I was still lying in bed that I heard a beating on my dorm room door.  I sluggishly went to the door thinking it was my roomate, when to my surprise, it was my mom and dad.  My mom had heard in my voice that I wasn't "myself" and took it upon herself to make it better.  They took my out to eat and I don't even remember if I felt bad during or after dinner.  The feeling that I do remember is that I was so relieved and blessed to be able to call them my parents.  I know that my dad was on board, but I know that it was my mom with the idea.  I was so grateful for my mom that day.  I don't even know if I told her my appreciation of that moment or even if I recognized the true sacrifice that she made for me that day.  But the fact that almost 10 years later I can sit here and recall almost every detail of that moment she knocked on my door, reveals to me that I indeed appreciated it.

So although my girls may not always tell me that I made them feel better or even that they appreciate me, I know from my own LOVE for my mother, that they always will. 

So if you are reading this and you are a mother... you are such a blessing and a vital role in your child's life.  Whether they are young or old, say it or not, they need you.

I am so thankful for all the pukey, whiney, loving and BLISSFUL moments that I have with my girls and I am just so thankful that God has chosen me to be a mother of His children. 


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  1. I am so thankful God made me a Mother and most of all he made me YOUR Mother. Thank you so much for such a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!