Full Speed Ahead

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I just finished popping a big Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie in my mouth, trying to enjoy the last few minutes of nap time...  I feel like I haven't written much in the last few weeks, at least not anything too interesting or maybe it's just because I still feel like my life is on fast forward right now and with each quiet moment that I have... well... I just want quiet.  So my "writing brain" has been a little foggy and my free time has been spare.  With what is looking like a somewhat "normal" week ahead (meaning next week) I have really been pondering what I should do with this blog...

Do I keep writing about my family and what God is doing in our own life?  Or does God have a different plan for my need to express myself through writing??  I am praying and asking for guidance as to what He wants from me.  Any thoughts??


So a few family updates...

::  Weekly Bible Study -- I have attended two women's Bible studies where I have already met some really awesome women.  I am looking forward to stepping in, getting involved and the fellowship with some fellow believers.  My life here in Wilmington has been great thus far, but I do miss the friendships that I had back home and I am praying that God will provide me with new friendships, while continuing to make ways to keep my friends from back home in my life.

::  LELA --  She is on the MOVE and there is nothing in her way to stop her.  I am starting to think that she has known how to walk all along.  I swear... It's like those feet just stood up for the first time 2 weeks ago and now all of a sudden it is as if she has a motor behind her tush.  She is FAST!  It still freaks me out to see her round a corner standing on two feet...

:: Emma Jane -- She is talking more, has had only one peepee accident since she starting potty training and she is constantly on the go. She was in a beautiful wedding on Mother's Day weekend and although the traveling was not anything to brag about (which you can read about here), the wedding was! Everything was perfectly planned and of course the flower girl was quite impressive as well! She had the most fun dancing at the reception and so did mommy.

Back to Emma Jane...
 Her Pappy baught her a real bike this weekend and she was soooo excited!  This came about when they discovered a "wishing well" in our neighborhood and Ej made her one wish for a new bike.  I wonder if my dad was just secretly waiting for an excuse to buy her a bike?!?!  It is no other than mermaid of course and although she is excited to ride... I think she is more excited about the streamers and the bell as she is to actually pedal the wheels. 

This was the initial reaction!

Her helmet... way too big!

 Lela got a new bike too.  But for some reason all she wants is her sisters... hummmmm.

::  Visitors -- My mom and dad came for the first time since our big move to our new house.  They loved everything about the house and I think they had a really good time.  Wade and I loved having the company and I loved being able to "cater" to my family for the 1st time.  My mom and I did lots (I mean LOTS) of shopping and my dad, well he got cought up on his sleep to say the least.  It was very hard to see them leave, but I am excited about their next visit for father's day. :)

::  Running -- well I need some motivation.  That's all I got to say about that one.

::  Wade and I --  We have finally started to enjoy our life here... Now that all of the "settling in" is coming to an end, we have finally begun to have some real fun!!  We are trying new restuarants, going to the beach after work, he is playing softball with the church and I have ventured out to some news shops and parks with the girls.  We are hoping that this weekend, we can spend the whole day playing with NO work.

Needless to say... Life has been full speed ahead and we are enjoying every second.
 we are looking forward to embracing the slow moving, easy going, beach life very soon.

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  1. Rebekah Pierce18.5.11

    Thank you for the update as I have been wondering how things were going and if you guys were "settled in".
    I think GOD definitely gave you a talent in writing and believe you should continue to use it for HIS Glory! I know you've helped me just by reading your blogs through trials and tribulations, you're faith is an inspiration to all that know you. So, Don't stop writing, whether it's blogs or more. Personally, I think MORE is the way to go. Have you ever considered writing children's books?

  2. I'm so jealous of your beach life! and, that last picture of y'all is wonderful. love it. Y'all look very happy! :) And, I know all about the "settling". it's a slow process. But, just know that you are where HE wants you to be....you can rest in that and that might make it a little easier. But, then again, what do I know! ha!