Blackberry Photo Bomb.

4:40:00 PM

With all of the moving, unpacking and getting settled, many things have happened that I want to share, but more often than not, my camera was either packed in a box or just not in tow to capture some of these exciting things!  Thank goodness for camera phones... 

(I just now figured out how to get them off of my phone to my computer)

This was my last 5K before we packed and up and moved... Tori had to practically drag my arm to get me to the finish line, which obviously paid off.  I placed 3rd in my age division with a time of 33 minutes and something seconds.

This was at our "soon to be house" the day before we went back to Statesville to officially move.  We took the girls there to see the house completely empty and try our best to explain what was about to take place.  You can see from this pic... It was us that was worried about the transition, not them. :)

Friday before moving day... Just picked up the moving truck!

Matt and Wade... we had some really good friends who stayed until 2am to help us pack.  It's a good thing that we started early... who knew we had so much junk?!?!
(Jill I didn't post the picture of you and I... purposely.  Who looks good at 2am right?)

Pulling out in the moving truck, snacks in tow and saying goodbye for the last time.

Like two kids at Christmas!

Yay!  Our new home!

Emma Jane... her first nap in her first BIG girl bed.  I was so proud!

Day 3... I just loved this sight.

This was our closing day on our old house.  I made Wade dig up a small dogwood tree that we had planted on the day we brought Ej home from the hospital.  You can see from this pic that Wade was super excited to do so...

My 1st run as a Wilmington resident... Yes I am running.  Even though it looks as if I am barely moving.

Some of my favorite sights along the run.  I don't want to ever become unappreciative of the beautiful scenery that God has placed in my daily path.

Visitors!  We have had the Moore family and the Cearlock family come and visit and we are hoping for many, many more!

This picture alone says enough... haha!

This was taken after our 1st 10K for Wrightsville Beach Farmers Market.  Let me just say... when you jump from a 5K to a 10K, you are no longer competing with beginners.  I would have been last, had Wade not allowed me to go in front of him.  But I finished and that was my goal.  I ran 6 miles, walked .2 and ate a banana, a bagel and a ChickfilA meal, drank two waters and possibly wanted more.

She was made for the beach life...

And she was made for Gerber baby commercials... :)

Lela is finally warming up to the sand.  This was one of our first trips to the beach as a family.  It was great!

And this was the first trip to the beach by myself with both kids.  You can see from the fact that I am sitting down, that it went fairly well.  My fear of Ej running off into the deep blue sea never to be seen again, quickly subsided with much prayer, a few pep talks from my husband and a little sunshine.
This will be a weekly thing... possibly daily.

And last but not least...
She took about 5 steps toward her daddy after he stood her, helped her balance and waved a toy in her face... but she walked.
For those of you that may not personally know our family, this is such a huge milestone because she is going on 18 months and has shown absolutely NO interest in walking until a few weeks ago.

This was her immediately following the big moment.  She was exhausted so decided to sit and suck her two favorite fingers which again reminds me of her easy going, go with flow kind of attitude.  I tried to get her to do it again so I could capture the moment on camera.  No luck.  Maybe next time.

Hope you enjoyed our candid blackberry moments..

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