Running with Courage

8:15:00 AM

Most of you know that I began running this past January.  It has been an up hill and down hill battle (literally) and I am pleased to say that this is the first thing I have ever "stuck" with for this long in my dream to be physically fit! 

This morning, on my morning run I was thinking about my journey as a runner and how far I have become.  I have went from a meek, in confident and somewhat pitiful runner (which you can read about here) to someone who is finally confident and determined about my ultimate goal.  I know longer halt to a walk when a car comes my way in fears that they will laugh at the way that I run, nor am I ashamed to tell other's that I AM a Runner.  Let's be clear here... I am still very slow and my distance isn't that of a marathon or even a half, but I have made progress physically and definitely emotionally.  I am now a confident, bold, courageous runner... which got me thinking??

If I can transform myself in the way that I run physically, can I then transform myself in the way that run for the Lord spiritually?  Let's be real... I am pretty bold and confident when it comes to writing how much I love Jesus, but can I talk about him.  Can I present the Truth, His love, and His Promises to a stranger, or even more challenging, a dear friend who needs the love of Christ? 

I have always struggled with this.  I have been praying for a purpose, a purpose that really matters and truly gratifies my Father.  I have been praying for all of these things and this is one that lays deeply on my heart.  I pray that the words that come so easily out of this blog, will begin to come out of my mouth in a dramatic way that will transform the lives of others, just as He has transformed me.  I have come a long way... He has changed me in more ways that I can imagine.  If you know my past, your know how so.

So that's what I want to do...  I pray that I can run with courage, not just physically, but spiritually.  That He would bring life to my words and people in my path that need to hear about His love.  I pray that the opportunities will arise easily, which will prepare me for more difficult opportunities. 

Will you join me in this prayer? 


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  1. I went through the same revelation/transition in my physical and spiritual journey. When I discovered that I could use my 30-60 minute running time to focus on God - He got SO big in my life. The messages I listened to as I ran came to life - literally! All of a sudden I noticed how a message in my iPod from last December's sermon from a pastor in another state was EXACTLY what i needed that week, the next day or even that very night. My life became a walked out ministry of the scripture and biblical lessons in my ears. I prayed to be used and OH MY was/am I ever. before that though - I had to be mended. I spent 3 months in a pretty uncomfortable place of owning up to huge mistakes. My tongue and thoughts have been Satan's foothold in my life for years and those 3 months were time God spent turning Satan's doorway into a detour to God's will. I want to encourage you today that as things get harder along this journey, know that gold becomes beautiful through refinement by fire. Know that when you feel beat down and challenged, God is continuing to mold you. I am excited for you and look forward to seeing how you will impact the world as you "run" this race. Anytime you need it - look over here, I'm ruining with you sister!
    A FB friend you've never met

  2. Yes! Amen, friend!