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Things have just been good.  I say that not to brag about all of changes in the last few months, I say it to boast in the Lord for His goodness that He has shown us.  (If you are new to reading, feel free to go back and read my past post to see this amazing journey that God has lifted us through.)  So back to His goodness...  I heard someone say a few weeks ago that they were in the "milk and honey" stage.  How true is that?!?!  For so long our family was in the "wilderness" with no sights of getting out.  We awaited daily for an open door, a dramatic change or something to come through, but nothing.  But even when we were at a loss of what was to come next, God was at work.  He was working behind the scenes orchestrating His master plan for our lives.  So because of his often "unanswered prayers" and for him taking our life into HIS own hands... we are here.  Experiencing His goodness, the "milk and honey" and the exciting changes, here at the beach!

I just wanted to remind those out there that may be reading this, that your "wilderness" will come to pass and your "milk and honey" season is just over the horizon.  You may not see it, but you can believe it.  If you are like Wade and I were, then what do you have to lose?  Just believe in His goodness and rest in the fact that if you are a child of God, then you have nothing to worry about.  Your life is in HIS hands and I promise, it's a much better life than what you can give yourself...

Much Love,


Memorial Day Weekend...

Every evening (almost) we eat our family dinner and finish up with an evening walk/ wagon ride.  The best part about it is... Emma Jane pulls Lela in the wagon (we made her get in for this picture). 
She LOVES it... so we just walk beside them and enjoy the stroll.

 The Cookout...
 We had hamburgers and hotdogs with all of the works, Kaye (my mother-in-law) made an American Flag cake out of blueberries and strawberries, water balloons, cornhole and lots of fun with family and friends!
I think we could get used to the idea of throwing parties.

We had our 1st cookout/ party at our new house.  It was awesome!  The backyard was perfect!

Lela playing "peek-a-boo" in her little red wagon.  She is such a cutie isn't she?!?!

In deep thought and bare foot... seems to be the theme of her little life these days :)

Cornhole... wondering what they are looking at???

Not the best picture, but definitely the best moment...  Wade just drenched his big brother with a bucket of water! 
That's my Wade for you... you hit him with a little water balloon and in turn he will drench you with a 5 gallon bucket.  He is an "all or nothing" kind of guy.  That's why I love him.

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  1. looks like the cook out was a lot of fun! And, God is good, isn't He?! We feel the same way since we've moved. Oh, and the header, don't know if you missed my post about it, but I'm doing blog designs now. I'll cut you a good deal ;) I need to build my portfolio.
    xoxo, cat (PS, you can check some out that I've done here:

  2. Tiffany, I was so excited to see you had written on your blog. You are my inspiration. It was great, enjoyed seeing the pictures of the kids - they are growing.