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So it's Monday and even though I don't have the complaints as some people... Monday's are still kind of hard for me to get going.  I wake up Monday Mornings to the aftermath of a crazy, chaotic tornado that seems to pass through my house extra hard on Saturday and Sunday's.   Not sure if the kids are full of extra energy or if it's the fact that the idea of a weekend allows me to have the excuse to let it all go...

This Monday was a little different.  I woke up to no preschool, which would have normally led to a "what do we need to do today" kind of feeling.  Instead I decided that the answer to that question would be nothing.  Let's do nothing.  The immediate feeling of urgency to do something left and it was like it was a Sunday afternoon all over again (without the nap and loud football of course.)

By 9am, I had both kids fed, dinner in the crock pot (Wade did this... But it was still a relief), kitchen cleaned and both girls content watching a little morning TV and to top it off... I looked half way decent.  I had my hair pulled back in a pony tail and actually had suitable clothes on that if the door bell rang, I would probably answer the door instead of hiding behind the couch.   With all of this extra time and a peaceful spirit, I decided to sit down and read my Bible.  I always read.  I make it a priority.  But sometimes I just read.  Other times, the Word speaks to me.  I hope you know what I am saying.  There are those times when you read and you may comprehend or maybe you forget what you just read and then there are those other times that His Word provides revelation to your life and you find yourself sitting with Jesus.  I had that moment this morning.  I had that moment in the midst of a loud TV with Oswald, two kids sometimes sitting, sometimes dancing and a cat that was constantly meowing for some food.  I used to think that in order to be in His presence, I had to be in a quiet house with lots of free time... but today just proves that You can approach the Throne of Jesus in the midst of chaos.  Some of you are in real chaos.  I challenge you to get in His presence.  Some of you may ask how to do this?  First set your mind to hearing His voice.  Once that is clear, get ready.  Read His word, listen to some great music or just start praying, allowing for those quiet moments for His still, small voice to speak.  I promise the reward is great.  My Monday, was my Sunday.

So back to the purpose of this post...

I was tagged in my first blog post by Constant in Chaos to participate in a fun Monday game!  I know this may not be a big deal to some of you, but just knowing that my name is on someone else's blog makes me smile and want to do a better job with my own writing!  Her fun, happy post... you can read here.  And be sure to visit her a while... she has some pretty awesome stuff going on!

The Fun Monday Game...

{the rules}

1. post the rules
2.post 11 fun facts about yourself
3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 11 new questions for the people you tag
4. tag 11 people and link them in your post
5. let them know you’ve “tagged” them

{facts about me}

1.  I have wonderful husband and 2 beautiful daughters and we are expecting #3 in July.
2.  I dream of having a topless Ford Bronco (redone of course) so that Wade and I can go four-wheeling.  Of course the dirt won't be on it long because I am OCD.
3.  I secretly go in the girls room and rearrange the furniture in their Loving Family Dollhouse and I find full pleasure in doing so.
4.  I could eat Buffalo Dip everyday for the rest of my life and I firmly believe that Heaven will have this waiting for me.
5.  I want to travel.  I want to travel to a different place every year and see the world with my family.  And when they get married... I want to be able to afford to tag them along (if they want).
6.  Wade and I talk about getting re-married again, just so that we can enjoy the food.  Seriously.
7.  I am an only child so I didn't learn how to share until I lived in a dorm room at ASU.
8.  I love watching Joyce Meyer during the girls nap time.
9.  I am obsessed with my new iPhone and I consider daily tossing my PC to the Goodwill and just letting my sufficient phone do the rest.  I am now a MAC lover even though they are way over our budget.
10.  I have really short toes and Wade loves to laugh at them and joke that they got cut off at birth.
11.  You should know this, but just in case you are a new a reader... I am IN LOVE with Jesus.  He is the reason for my being and the saving grace that allows me to wake up in the mornings with a renewed purpose.  I am devoted to raising little Jesus Lovers... 5 if Wade will let me. :)

{questions from Cat, Constant in Chaos}

1. What part of the country do you live in?  The South.  All I have ever known. 

2. How long have you been blogging?  I started blogging when my youngest daughter turned 3 months old.  I figured I needed more to do in my nursing, non-going out, stay at home mom life, so I decided to give it a try.  It went from being photos and blurbs of what was going on, to a place where I could come and just be me.

3. What’s your favorite blog?  Constant in Chaos.  I discovered this blog when I googled "Vintage Kitchen Set" (funny, right?) and I found much more than the perfect kitchen.  I found someone that sounded just like me with one major difference... she was bold enough to put it all out there.  She inspired me to write about our toughest challenges while being in the Wilderness.  I am forever grateful.

4. What’s your favorite book of all time?  Believers Authority by Kenneth Hagin.  Although it is a little charismatic... it was the turning point of my walk with Christ.  It opened my eyes to the authority that I have because I am a child of God, which in turn made me desire to be with Him at all times.

5. What did you and your spouse do on your first date?  We watched a Hickory Motor Speedway Race and played Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo.  Yes.. the original.  We left that date knowing that we would get married. 

6. Your favorite holiday and why?  Christmas... because it is Jesus's birthday and that gives me the reason to eat Peanut Butter Balls.

7. What is the greatest parenting advice you ever received?  ummm...  That is a hard one.  I have taken little pieces of advice along the way and when an issue or a "moment" arrives... it always seems to come back to me.  My greatest advice is found in the Bible.  It reminds me that my children are ultimately in His hands and that my job is to show them that.  It relieves a lot of pressure knowing that.

8. Favorite vacation spot?  For now... where we live.  We just moved to the beach, so I am on a permanent vacation.

9. What is one thing you want to accomplish this year?  Alignment.  That was the word given to us. Not quite sure what it means, but anxiously waiting :)

10. Your favorite hobby?  I love to paint.  I never have the time and when I do I have an excuse.  But I love to paint.

11. What is a secret talent you have?  I am actually very good at Watercolor painting.

{questions for those I'm tagging}
1.  Who is your favorite person in your life right now?
2.  How would you describe as a good weekend?
3.  Favorite dessert?
4.  Favorite time of the year?
5.  What is one quality you love about yourself?
6.  What would you change about yourself?
7.  What is the purpose of your blog?
8.  Tell me something crazy that you have done, that no one knows about.
9.  Your best "mommy moment" (good or bad)?
10.  What do you do during your child's nap time?
11.  What is the boldest thing you have done?

{bloggers I am tagging}

Megan, Team PFanny

Kara, The Road Home

Alysha, The Dertings

Emily, Runner for Cupcakes

Tori, Running Motherhood

And through this post... I realized that I don't have many blogger friends.  Need to work on that.

Tag. Get it?

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  1. This made me smile SO big and #3 made me CRY! Thank you so much. You are too much. Girl, you don't know maybe, but I felt the same way. We are pretty much the same person (remember?), so you're just a little behind me, but we've walked the same road and you're walking where I was. At least you have me to go ahead and give you pointers so you don't make the same mistakes I made. :) xoxo.cat