Reaching Perspective.

4:21:00 PM

Tonight, as soon as I finish typing this post, I will begin to get ready for the Thrive Marriage Conference that is taking place at LCC for the next two days.  This is a special event for Wade and I that goes well beyond just making our marriage "thrive."

But before I explain, I must tell you that I did not awake with this excitement.  I actually awoke around 12pm, along with everyone else in the house to a very sick baby girl. After a night of consoling and breathing treatments, our next obstacles came quick and soon I had lost perspective.  Wade and I both did.  My world came crashing down in lots of tears, words of question and doubt.  I was then reminded of my own words.  The words from my own blog that I had written exactly 1 year ago.  The story of how God came through for us in such a radical, supernatural way that put our family in our own "heaven on earth." 

Last year, at the Thrive Marriage Conference, Wade and I experienced the hand of God come down and do a miracle in our lives (our miracle).  Reading the raw emotions, the excitement, the joy that was taking place in our lives at that very moment reminded me of who God really is.  I should always know this, but when you lose perspective the way that I did this morning, you sometimes lose sight of what God really wants and has for you!  Pastor Tim Blevins spoke about drawing from our "well" one Sunday and today that's what I needed.  When I was dry, I needed to be reminded of my own testimonyMy own miracle that God had done just for me.  I needed to be reminded that MY God will do it again.  And again. And again.

Reading my own words brought back the perspective that I needed.  God gave us a breakthrough that we needed at the last hour this time last year and He will continue to do so.

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

Now let's THRIVE.

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  1. Girl! I like your attitude. Can't wait to hear all about how He speaks to you this year. How amazing and big is OUR GOD! JT and I are going to the marriage conference our church puts on next weekend. It's called ignite. Can't wait! :) love you!