dreaming and waiting

3:04:00 PM

We all have dreams...  the kinds of dreams that range from material possessions to spiritual and physical breakthroughs that we need in our lives.  I believe that God values BOTH.  Determining if and when these dreams will come to pass, is the real issue.  How do you dream BIG without getting lost in the results of your desires?  How do we learn to value the process we must walk through when we don't see the purpose?  And why does there always have to be "a process"? 

Our dream is to build a house.  It's been our dream since Wade and I were gallivanting around without much care in the world and just enjoying the fun of dating.  What couple in love doesn't dream of these things?  This dream has been a burning desire in our hearts for a long time.  There have been times when the dream was pushed back, buried deep and even doubted at many points in our married life.  But it has always been there.  It has never left.  I am not going to explain my reasoning for this desire, but I will say that it goes much deeper than the house

Dreams look different for everyone.  Motives vary, pure and impure, and the waiting period may be lengthy or prompt.  Regardless of the process, one thing is certain...  The outcome will be GOOD.

This blog is what I needed to hear today...  Maybe you do too.

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