Embracing Age.

9:53:00 AM

The other day I was on my way to a doctor appointment, enjoying the quiet ride and the hour break that I had for myself the doctor.  I was at a stop light and looked over at the person next to me.  Young guy, probably in high school or college, driving a Nissan SUV, chatting on his IPhone.  As I wondered if he were in college or high school, I asked myself... I wonder if he thinks I am in college?  I came to the realization, as I rolled down the packaging on my Tums, grabbed the steering wheel of my minivan and drove off to the thyroid doctor, that this theory was ridiculous.  It was at that moment that turning 3-0 in just 4 short months, didn't seem so frightening.  It was reality.  And it is a good one. 

Here's why...

Beach weather in January.

Sneeking a peak at Ej's dance lesson.

Enjoying the beach while big sis is in preschool.

Reading some Word... while Lela played in the sand.

special laughs...

Lela rockin out with her BFF.

The hilarious personalities we've created. :)

One evening after church.

Ej's daddy daughter date... she was so excited.

Valentines Morning... heart shaped pancakes and Reese's Peanut Butter hearts!

They barely made it to 7pm...

All a girl needs is a good pair of shoes.

And more babies to come...

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