Finding Rest.

10:19:00 PM

My life is full of 3 very active, crazy kids, piles of laundry, ministry and Bible Studies, being a good friend, cooking healthy (sometimes) for my family and being a wife who actually sits down and has time to listen to her husband.

The truth is, the past few weeks I have felt very inadequate in most, if not all of these areas.  One thing on the list would get accomplished while others fell of the band wagon.  Or worse, the "list" would get accomplished and then the good mama or listener of a wife would fall short.

The truth is, I often try to do too many things and lose sight of what really matters.  LIFE.  Life Matters.

This past Monday, my husband awoke me with with words you never want to hear the person you love the most, say...

"I have chest pains."

The words didn't seem real even though playing it strong and confident was the character I portrayed.  I wasn't confident at all actually.  But I was confident in Who my Jesus was.

With one stride at a time and with each passing minute while he was at work that morning, we trusted despite our nervousness.

At 10:30 am, Wade came home from work with some fear in his voice and tears in his eyes as he said it was time we go to the hospital.  The kids have never listened both at the same time when asked to put on their shoes... except this time.  This time, they were prompt.  Just shows HIS guidance through it all.

After 5 hours, many tests later and the worst pain that my husband had ever experienced, answers and peace came.  Although the pain simulated a massive heart attack, it was the result of inflammation around the heart and lungs.  The best news... his heart was strong and there was no damage.

As my husband rested physically, I found myself resting mentally for the first time in weeks.  The laundry, the cooking, the emails... none of it mattered.  As I watched my husband sleep, I found myself realizing that life is too short to miss the moments of true life.  Life is living.

So rest in the moments.  Leave the laundry.  And don't forget to LIVE life.

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  1. I'm so sorry this happened! Oh my goodness, I would have flipped out. I'm sure you did! So glad he is ok and PRAISE THE LORD!