CHRISTmas 2010

3:43:00 PM

Tis' the season...  The Nagy family had a wonderful Christmas... I think one of the best so far.  Emma Jane, getting to the age of really being able to use her imagination, loved the idea of Santa.  Besides Santa coming to visit and bringing lots of special toys, our holiday was filled with lots of chocolate, casseroles, family time, comical moments with bows on our heads, visits from Santa, a Christmas Miracle and lots of busy travel. 

Besides all of the hustle and bustle of the weekend, the most important thing that happened was the birth of Jesus.  We tried really hard as a family to tell the story of the Coming of Christ and that that was the TRUE meaning of Christmas.  We explained to our girls, that all of the presents were to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  They loved the idea of singing Happy Birthday to him.  Honestly...  This not only played a huge part in teaching the girls a valuable lesson, but it reminded Wade and I how important Christmas is.  It's so easy to get caught up in the "holiday" that you can easily forget what it's about... Our Savior.

Enjoy these captured moments...

Lela loved all the bows and wrapping paper!

Emma Jane's Doll House... I mean MANSION!

Visiting Papaw Jack before Candle Light Service on Christmas Eve.

Some big man in a red suit just walked down the stairs!?!?!?!

Most of these are from the Christmas Miracle...  the girls must have been good this year!

The first White Christmas since 1947...  one to remember!

Lela would have rather been in the warmth... maybe next year!

Family Christmas photo... a little rough, but still worth showing!

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