My 2011 Goals

10:26:00 AM

As this year ends and the New Year begins...  I spent most of my morning pondering what 2011 will bring and what kind of goals or expectations I should set for myself and my family.  In past years, I have always made a few resolutions as the NYC Ball dropped at midnight, but by the time the 2nd month arrived in the new year, most of my resolutions were past times. 

So this year, since I have found my new hobby, BLOGGING, I have decided to write my resolutions down, print them off and ask my readers to help keep me accountable... so here goes. 

11 resolutions for the year 2011.

1.  Get Healthy... I know right?  This is the #1 New Years Resolution, but in the words of my dear friend Krissy Wood...

I've renamed diet to... Physical responsibility... God wants us to take care of our vessels through devouring His word, eating healthy food, walking with the usable limbs he gave us and praising him with the voice and hands He gave us... All attributing to our  physical wellness.

Therefore, TODAY, December 31st, 2010 is the last day that I will wake up and do knee bends in order for my jeans to fit.

2.  I am going to fill myself with the TRUTH everyday... I am going to go beyond just waking up and reading my Bible, I am going to dig deeper in His Word and find out more of His will for my life.

3.  Wade is going to find a JOB and we are going to become more financially stable so that we can Pay it Forward and help someone in need.

4.  Take a Vacation to a place we have never been...  Some place where we can experience nature and God's beauty without all the business.

5.  Volunteer for a Charity.  Suggestions???  leave a comment...

6.  Sell our house and let the Lord, show us our next destination... I am really hoping for a 3BR 2 BA house...  Wow!  What will I do with all the extra room?!?!

7.  Buy a stranger's dinner at a nice restaurant and leaving them wondering who did it!

8.  Start a NEW BLOG... one that I can discuss anything!  New competition for a creative blog name coming soon... chance to win a FREE gift card.

9.  Read 1 book a month... I love to read.  Making time for it is the only problem.  Maybe blogging about it, will help me with this one??

10.  Worry less...  If you know me at all, you know how hard this is for me.  I worry about almost everything.  So this year, when I catch myself worrying about money or the gray hair on my head or anything really... I am going to PRAY instead.

11.  The last resolution, but probably one of the most important is...  Making that LAST year of my 20's COUNT!  Not just living... but LIVING on PURPOSE. 

So there you have it... What are your Resolutions for the year 2011?

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  1. Krissy31.12.10

    I absolutely love reading your blog Tiffany! The resolution of secretly paying for someone's meal is an amazing idea! What a way to show God's love! I will be checking in on ya and I expect the same from you sister :-)

  2. Thanks Krissy!!! You are amazing...