A Christmas Miracle. Pay it forward.

11:25:00 PM

So this was so good, I just had to write about this right away... Christmas Eve night

Christmas... full of traditions.  Christmas trees, presents, cookies, parties, Santa Claus, and so on... but the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus and because of HIM...tis the season to GIVE.  Which leads me to what just happened at 10:13pm...

Wade and I were in the living room, Wade putting together a last minute gift for the girls, myself making Emma Jane a T-shirt to wear tomorrow.  (I also need to inform you that we do not have blinds over our windows...so you can see in, but not out.)

All of a sudden, we hear a loud knock at the door.  Wade immediantly looks up, gets up and goes for the front door.  The next thing I know, is Wade is yelling for me to get there and look...

Outside, on our front porch in the middle of pitch black darkness, lies perfectly wrapped Christmas presents!  8 to be exact.  With the front door wide open and our mouths even wider, we ran out on the front porch.  I stood there in astonishment of what had just happened, while Wade played "Rambo" and ran in the woods to track down the mysterious Santa Claus.  He came back without a clue of who did this.  I think I stood on the front porch, tears in my eyes and frozen bare toes for a good 10 minutes before I even lifted the 1st package.

We brought the gifts in, arranged them in front of the fireplace and are sooooooo excited to open them in the morning with the girls!  So whoever you are... I am sure you read this blog, so here you go...

Dear "Santa,"

I hope you had fun being sneaky on our front porch and peaking in our windows, knowing that we were absolutely clueless that you were out there.  Wade is still trying to figure out how he saw "the white hand" knock through the window, but could not manage to figure out how you planned your "get away" so sufficiently.  The surprise that you gave our family will never be forgotten and we are grateful, but most of all...

You have shown us Jesus' love through your giving spirit and your thoughtfulness.  You didn't just make our Christmas brighter because of the presents, you reminded us how lucky, blessed and loved we are and how one day WE WILL PAY IT FORWARD! 

I believe you have started a "Nagy Christmas Tradition"... Wade is planning his incognito names as we speak...

May your Christmas and your New Year be blessed and your kindness be returned to you in every way possible.

In Jesus Name,

Wade, Tiffany, Emma Jane and Lela

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