Nagy November Fun

6:41:00 PM

Our one and only family computer has been out of service for about 3 weeks... NOW it is up and running and we have lots of catching up to do in the world of blogging. First, let me say some things about what I have learned from the last 3 weeks of having to rely on my Blackberry as my only means of the "world wide web..."

1. I have come to terms that I spend way too much time on the computer. My husband likes to refer to it as my "other boyfriend." I am not too fond of this term... I prefer "mommy's outlet" ...after all, it is my only source of adult conversation on most days of being a stay home mom.

2. With all of the new free time I had without a computer, I figured I would work on some much needed scrapbooking for the girls. This soon came to a halt, when I realized that all of life's captured moments were all captured in my laptop... leaving me know way to do a scrapbook. I have come to the realization that digital is not always better... which has inspired me to work with some film to capture some Nagy Moments.

3. I have way too much of my life documented on my computer! Everything from email, to documents, photos videos and more... This being the reason to purchase "back-up." I am now the proud owner of an external hard drive. Not much good without the computer, but still has a purpose...I guess.

4. The most important thing learned... Journaling! You know where you use actual paper and pen...crazy I know, but I really did enjoy going back to the old school way of writing down ideas, thoughts and memories. The only problem was, is that my brain has been trained to follow this "fast paced technological" world and my hand...well it couldn't quite keep up. So I am thankful for the technology of Blogging, but I have made a mental note not to neglect the paper/pen version of journaling.

Now time to recap the last few weeks...

Thanksgiving was spent filling our bellies full of delicious food that we often neglect throughout the year... like stuffing and cranberries. Wade and I made sure to wear our "buffet" pants (aka sweat pants) so that we could fool our stuffed bellies into thinking that there was still more room. The girls had extra fun riding on the wagon pulled by Papaw Morton's tractor... I assure you the bumps throughout the cow pasture were not the most pleasant after eating everything in sight.
Of course it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without ending the day with the viewing of the BIGGEST shopping day in America... Black Friday Sale papers. We gather around the table and pass back and forth the flyer's picking out this long list of all life's "must haves." Wade and I always have a big list...but usually the thrill of it ends when it ends up in our shopping buggy and we realize with actually have to pay for it. Those "must haves" usually end up back in the shopping aisle. The adventure began at 3am and ended just after breakfast around 10am, which resulted in a mid-morning nap for the whole family.

Lela's 1st Birthday Party...

We celebrated the BIG day at Memaw and Pappy's house... Lela was dressed to impressed with her specially designed apparel designed by no other than Emma Jane Baby:) She wasn't aware of what was really going on other than all of the attention was focused on her for once. We had a great turn out of family and friends, delicious BBQ and all the fixins', chocolate sprinkled cupcakes and presents galore! Lela loved smashing her fingers in the smushy, chocolate delight and even more so enjoyed the opening of presents. I think she would have been just as equally satisfied with tissue paper and some bows...

She had a great 1st birthday and we are very blessed to have her. This year has been filled with lots of joyous memories of her life so far and I know that we can count on many more!

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