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With social media, blogs and modern television shows about parenting, housewives and modern families... it is pretty hard not to compare ourselves to one another and look at the "perfection" of other peoples' lives.  Sure, anyone can look perfect on Facebook...

I am not perfect.  Here are just a few of  my perfect Imperfections....


::  I have ignored a dirty diaper so that my husband could change it when he gets home. (sorry honey!)

::  I am the reason behind Ej learning to put her dish in the sink: but not for her learning her ABC's.

::  Sometimes I lock myself and my phone in the closet so I can have a moment to myself.

::  I flick dirt behind the couch when I am too lazy to throw it in the trash.

::  I am OCD about cleaning my house (except behind the couch), but I do it for my family.  I do it because that is just the way God created me to be.  Not to impress.

::  I have an applesauce wet spot on my jeans RIGHT now and I haven't washed my hair in 2 days.

::  I once popped my child in the Walmart parking lot.

::  My husband's #1 fear about leaving us was that we would starve.  (He does most of the cooking).

::  I used to be a 1st grade teacher, but I hate to do puzzles. 

::  My husband would say that I pick my nose and drool in my sleep...  I won't publicly admit to either.

::  I do however strive EVERYDAY to read my Bible, dedicate myself to Christ and be the Proverbs 31 woman that He has called me to be and it is HIM that can only be TRUE PERFECTION.

I love Jesus but without Him, I am one big mess.


I started this blog to showcase my wonderful family to those that live far away.  It started as a place to put my family memories and favorite pics, but has turned into so much more.  God has used it through our life's trials, experiences and successes to give HIM the Glory....

 My goal of this blog, is not to be someone I am not.  My goal is to communicate all the things that Christ has given me...  so yes... its is a perfect life.  A perfect life for ME. 

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  1. God wants us to share with others the goodness he brings to our lives. Its just another way of preading his message. When something wonderful happens he wants you to share with others how you overcame, and what wonderful things he brought forth in your life.

    There was a sermon I was listening to. The preacher had just acquired a new, much larger site for his church. He was about to show the venue to a fellow preacher, when he paused for a moment. In that moment he felt not ashamed but scared, he didn't want to come off as bragging to the other preacher who has a much smaller church. But then this preacher heard a voice inside him that said do not be ashamed for what I have given you. So he proceed with his tour of the new church. This can happen for you too!

    Sharing with others not just the greatness God has done, but the path in which we got there can help others in their own search. "Wow Tiffany is so positive and uplifting even though she is going through such strife in her life. Hmmm... maybe I should rethink how I view the things going around in my life too".

    I think sometimes others view speaking up about the great things God has going on in our life as bragging. But we're not bragging about how big our house is or how much we make. We're saying wow look at where I was and look at what now God gave me. If we don't speak up how will anyone know the great things God has done (and not just physically and materialistically, but spiritually and emotionally as well). I used to be that person who shyed away from giving God his due praises. I didn't want to make others feel bad. I am so glad i am learning to speak up and give back to God.

    God Bless you Tiffany and for your use of words. God gave that power to you and I am so grateful you put it to amazing use!! Whenever I am down or need some inspiration your blog is one of the sites I go to just for that! It helps to remind me how great our God is!!