ONE week without my man.

8:08:00 AM

I made it... one week without my husband.  Extremely difficult, but now that today is the day he comes home, I thought I would reflect...

Here is MY week as a family of three... missing our fourth.

::   Had some late night reading... much overdue.
::   Watched all of my favorite TV shows without interruptions to check scores on ESPN. Nice!
::   Ate ENTIRELY too much Nutella... almost the whole jar.
::   Managed to brew one whole pot of HOT WATER.
::   Got a very hesitant little girl to finally peepee in the potty (once... but improvement!)
::   Made 1 box of Mac & Cheese last  us FOUR days... it usually lasts us one meal!
::   Ran my cell phone battery in the ground from all the Facebook time.
::   Got to enjoy all of the bath time moments with my girls... this is usually "daddy time"

And my absolutely, positively favorite thing about my husband being away for one week is...

::  The way that I feel right now... all excited like a highschooler in love, knowing that my favorite person in the whole WIDE world will be home in just 9 hours...  The feeling of I have missed you so much and can't wait to wrap my arms around you when I get home kind of moment!

enJOY your weekend!

P.S.  Wade absolutely, without a doubt LOVES his new job! 

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  1. Anonymous5.3.11

    Amelia O.

  2. Anonymous10.3.11

    You are the most wonderful Woman. I am so proud to call you my daughter in law! Love MamaW Beach Wa Wa