Sad to leave, but Called to go.

9:50:00 AM

Wow!  I have been pretty silent in the blogging world... 
Don't worry, I have still been keeping up with all of the blogs that I follow.  Speaking of...  If you are not a "follower"of this blog, be sure to become one :) 

Back to the reasoning behind my silence.  So much has happened over the last 3 weeks.  Some good, some bad and some really ugly moments that I think know was just trying to steal my joy of all the great things that God is doing in our lives. 
Today marks the official 1 month date of my husband's new job (can't believe this). 
Since February 28th, our family has been through so many changes. 

The longgggggg, dreadful weeks of being apart has shown me that God didn't put Wade and I together with the purpose of having a cell phone in between us.  We stink, to say the least, at phone conversations. 
As hard as our time apart has been, I can see God working through it all.  
Don't get me wrong.  I have had my moments... Like when Ej was trapped in the dryer and a Yo-Yo was wrapped around Lela's neck because Ej wanted to "walk the dog."  Then there was the extreme fatigue that came with being a single mom (I dont know how you out there do it!) and the need for Chick Fil-A because it was the easy solution to a quick dinner.  But all in all, I had an extreme peace that would overcome me in my moments of sadness or stress or just the plain feeling of defeat.  When the spetic tank exploded... God had to literally lift me up from my tears.  Or when the hot water heater broke, He helped me to quickly pack my bags and join Wade at the beach (even though I mistakenly left all of the girls shirts at home). 
But WE made it. 

Then there is the magical boxes... Everywhere I turn, walking through the hallways at school, the Dollar General, no matter the place, BOXES just show up in my path!  Some may say this is just luck...  I know different.  Call it what you want, but these boxes are special
I love it when God shows me His Creative side!

The most remarkable update is that our house is
under contract!!! 
That's right!  God is an on time God with a purpose and a plan... that doesn't rely on the not so good economy to get the job done!  All though we have lots to get through (inspections, appraisals, etc.) I know that God has got this...  Which leads me to our next big MoVe...  Our New House!!!  We are officially ready to sign our new rental lease to our new home TONIGHT!
 And it is just B-E-A-U-tiful . 
God is so good.

Then it's time to start packing.  This has been the toughy.  I guess my emotions of all that has taken place in the last month, have been on the back burner due to all of the other excitement.  In just 2 days, I will head back to our little bungalow that I LOVE to get ready for the best 3 year old celebration ever.  Then, it will be time to start packing.  I know that when I pass by those red rockers on our front porch and pack that last box I may just lose it.  Need lots of prayer.  

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  1. yay for contracts! so happy for you! Been there, done that and i know how hard it is. thinking of you!