Sun Stand Still Prayer.

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THIS book is changing me!  Wade recently joined a men's Bible study in which they are studying "Sun Stand Still" by Steven Furtick.  I picked up the book just to read the back cover and was instantly intrigued.  Before I knew I was sitting on the couch, nose in book. 

Just a few of the life changing, motivating, get you off of your tush and do something kind of quotes...

When I talk about a miracle or a move of God, I'm not necessarily referring to a supernatural phenomenon from a scientific perspective.  I'm more focused on the way God's power infuses the life of ordinary believers to produce results that glorify Jesus.  Sometimes these miracles are tangible and remarkable.  Other times they're hidden and more subtle.

When you strip the biblical miracles of their spectacular special effects, a common plot point emerges: extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience.  That singular fact gives your a starting place.  It doesn't matter who you are or what you do for a living.  If God lives in you, you have the potential for audacious faith.

And oh my goodness... I could literally type most of the book.  It's that good. 
So what is MY sun stand still prayer... 

I know that I have been praying for a purpose and I do know that this book is all a part of His perfect plan.   God may not come down, hit me on the head and audibly tell me what He wants me to do for Him.  Then again He may... and I would be thrilled, but until then I may just have to consider the thought that He has placed this book in my hand to help me realize that I may be already doing it.  I may be doing something pretty ordinary that He is looking to turn into extraordinary and all I have to do is have the audacious faith to do it.  So here are some possibilities....

Blogging.  I do love it.  And I think that I am pretty good at writing.  At least I hope you think so.  But possibly I need to think bigger.  So I am.  I have wanted to change my "look" and "name" for a long time now so I could hopefully get more readers and hopefully shed some insight on How God has changed me, Redeemed me and Saved me.  I write for several reasons, but my main purpose is so that I can tell you my LOVE for Jesus.  It's may way of telling everyone how GOOD He is.  Well it just so happens, I have a blogger friend, Cat, who is incredibly talented that has offered to use her creative skills to make my blog much, much prettier.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Again, part of the ordinary events of life... so I am going to start dreaming big for Jesus and think that just maybe, this blog may be reaching others for Christ.  I am just a regular person with a regular life, but I do have an extraordinary father and I feel the need to brag on Him some more...

Running.  I will be quite honest... this week I would not call myself a runner.  I swear every time I tell someone I am going to try and run the half in October, I get beat down and something either starts hurting or I just can't get motivated!  This week, I have a sharp pain in my hip.  I would love to tell you that it is a running injury from the treacherous 8 miles, mostly uphill run that I did just the other day in the steaming hot, humid, Wilmington area, while dodging waves on the shore line...  BUT, its not.  Actually none of those things I mentioned are true, except for the 8 miles that I did, but going at a pace of a turtle with enough sweat to fill another ocean.  I think I actually hurt my hip, carrying my 3 year old up a step in the garage.  Yes, I said a step. 
So what is my point...  I would not really dare to call myself a runner.  I actually feel far from one.  But the fact is that I am a runner.  We all are.  We were made to run the race, physically and spiritually and I honestly feel like if I can be a runner, then everyone can be.  If God can take this person, who hates to exercise, who runs like a duck and spent most of her childhood years avoiding the activity all together, the one whose orthopedic doctor told them that they would be in a wheel chair by the time they were 65 due to severely bad, defective knees that can't be fixed and the person who huffed, puffed and hacked up more junk from past years of smoking and other not so good behaviors for an hour after their very first attempt to run... then God can turn you into a runner.  He took an ordinary person who woke up one morning with the bright idea to better herself and he has expanded it into so much more!  I want to run.  I want to be good at it.  I want to help others be good at it.  I want others to experience Jesus while they run the way that I do.  I want to teach them that their physical endurance can personally relate to their spiritual endurance. 
That You can win the race.

How will all of this evolve?  I haven't a clue, but 63 pages into the book I am convinced that the first step in dreaming BIG for God's purpose on your life is to get up and do something about it.

Is there something you're good at that God could transform into greatness if you energized your efforts and focused your ability for God's glory?  Go for it.  All the way.
~Sun Stand Still
Chapter 5: Ignite the Ordinary

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  1. Rebekah Pierce27.7.11

    WOW!! Thanks for the inspiration :) I must agree that your a very talented writer and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs!
    Also, this sounds like a must read! One of those, can't put it down type books, I will be looking for it!

  2. Thank you for your kinds words. I think you're an awesome writer too. I think gaining the confidence is the first step. It's hard. I know. I'm there with you. But, blogging is so wonderful because I've found that most women that do blog are the ones that truly have good hearts. So, you're surrounded by so many wonderful, encouraging women. :) and, never heard of that book, but can't wait to get it!!! thanks for sharing and can't wait to start on your blog (hopefully soon!)
    xoxo, cat