The Glory in His Word.

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I have been struggling with my quiet time with the Lord the past few days.  I have been trying to read the book of Leviticus and honestly, I have even skipped a few days of reading because I just couldn't pick up the Bible and read some of the "icky" words and descriptions told about the sacrifices given to the Lord.  Believe me... I wanted to read it with an open heart, but I was having a REALLY hard time.
Finally... This morning I had a WONDERFUL quiet time.  But before I can go there, I have to tell you what happened last night.  Wade and I decided to join a prayer group ministry at church on Wednesday nights.  Prayer has been such an eye opening experience in our walk with the Lord over the last few years and it has become my BIGest priority in my relationship with Christ.  I have been praying to God for many things and I think that this is one of them...  I feel like God is calling me to use my "prayers" for a bigger purpose than just when I am in the shower or on my morning run.  As far as what He wants me to do... I haven't got that far. 

With the decision to join the prayer ministry, we had to read a book called, "Glory" by Ruth Ward Heflin.  I have never even heard of the book title, the author or anything close to it, but as always I am eager to learn something new...

I was busy painting a frame and Wade decided to read the assigned chapter aloud.  :: side note :: We have never done anything like this together, but I highly recommend this.  It was awesome to hear him read to me.  Anyways...  One of the main points of what the chapter was about was how to bring Glory to God through worship.  Most of us "praise" the Lord when we go to church, but do we really "worship" Him.  Meaning, do we really lay down all of the "to-do lists" that play over and over in our mind, are we worried about what we are going to cook for lunch after church service or even more commonly, are we still holding a grudge against our husband from the earlier fight we had just before church because you couldn't find the matching shoe for your kid and he chose to sit in the car and blow the horn and once again you were late for service...

Worship helps us to get rid of a lot of life’s spiritual and natural frustrations. Through worship God brings to us a wholeness of body, mind and spirit. God is refining our understanding of true worship. True worship comes from the heart, in love and adoration unto the Lord.You get the point.  It is sometimes difficult to worship the Lord when are mind is filled with so many earthly things. 
~ Glory

We live in a busy world... 
we need to let these things go and truly worship Him.

We come to God with petitions and requests when we go to worship Him on Sundays.  The Bible, His word says to do this.  And believe me, I have my request before the Lord and thankfully he is a God that answers.  We know Him as Healer, Comforter, Protector and my most recent is Provider and He promises all of these things.  But this book pointed out that we should worship Him not simply for what He does, but more importantly for who He is! 

He is a God of Love, He is Holy and He is our Glorious Father.  So although He wants us to come before him with our deepest request and pour out to Him with what we need, He also wants us to see who he is and because of that He is able to fully save us!  When we truly learn to worship God for WHO he is, then we open ourselves up to His Glory. 

We forget Who He is. If we fell in love with Him, not knowing Him, shouldn’t knowing Him bring a greater relationship of love and worship? The angels in heaven worship and they have never been redeemed. They worship because of the person of the Lord. They worship because they know Him, not because they’ve been saved, healed, or filled with the Holy Ghost.

Amazing book so far.  So back to my quiet time this morning...

I opened to Leviticus prepared to read through one chapter and then quickly move on to the New Testament which has been the norm each morning.  I opened my Bible to find the word "Glory" mentioned 3 times in the chapter that I had prepared to read. Suddenly reading about the gory sacrifices that were made by Aaron and the Israelites had a different meaning.  My mind was less focused on the graphic depictions of the animal and turned to the actual sacrifice of these men and women.  They worked daily to keep these animals healthy, they poured in their finances to keep buy, trade and feed these animals and I now see  it was a huge sacrifice to give these animals to the Lord.  And why did they do it...  to see God's Glory.  To see, hear and feel the PRESENCE of the Lord.  What do we sacrifice each day to truly focus ourselves in true worship?  

God's word,  even in Leviticus came to life for me today.  I was so excited that 9 chapters in, God revealed His purpose for me reading this book.  I had been struggling and I kept pressing through (honestly just so I could check it off) and I am so thankful that He loves me so that He brings new meaning into His written word for each individual that truly seeks Him and wants to learn more about His goodness. 

Then Moses said, “This is what the LORD has commanded you to do, so that the glory of the LORD may appear to you.”
~Leviticus 9:6 

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