Free Bird. Well, Not Exactly.

9:36:00 AM

Upon moving to the beach, our family has tried to make a tradition of going fishing once a week. 
A:: My husband absolutely LOVES it.
B:: It gives me a nice break from the evening routine and lets the kids get out some extra energy. 

So far, our fishing trips have been quite entertaining to say the least, but last night was the craziest of all crazy.  Even more crazy than the time I caught a fish, began to reel it in all to hear the word, "SHARK!?!" come out of my husband's mouth!  Needless to say, I dropped the rod and took cover with my kids like there was a hurricane breaking on the shore.  Wade reminded me that the shark, that was now flipping and flopping on the beach was on a hook, with no intent to hurt.  I cautiously reminded him, no thanks.  Sharks can stay where they belong.  In the water.

So back to the craziest of all crazy.  Last night, Wade was fishing for fish.  But he caught a bird.  For those of you that may not know, I am terrified of birds.  So much that when they come near me on the beach, I literally start to get that closed throat, sweaty and very tense kind of feeling.  I don't like them.  Period.  So when I saw this bird slowly fly into Wade's fishing line and then proceed to swirl and then eventually flail in the water, all I could think was... REALLY?!?!.

Once Wade got the bird reeled in close, he was able to hold it down and retrieve his pocket knife for what would hopefully be a quick rescue.  I will be honest here.  When he asked for help, I quickly said "No."  But after several minutes of realizing that this was not going to be as simple as thought I decided I would have to help.  After all, this poor bird's death would be on my hands and even though I hate birds, I didn't want it to die.  So I went over and asked Wade what to do.  He said to grab the bird's beak. 


I quickly grabbed the bird's beak and said some one sentence prayers along with some girly screams (you know the ones I am talking about).  Wade was able to get all of the fishing line that had entangled around the bird's wings and a few minutes later, he was done.  Here is the best part.  I was the one to let the bird go!  I was the last to let go and was the one to free the bird.  Okay, so I know that Wade did most of the work here, but I got to give myself some credit.  The bird stumbled, then walked, and eventually flew off!  It was honestly the best feeling ever!  I had overcome my fears, touched and freed a bird.  I felt so good about myself and I think Wade was even more proud of his crazy wife with the bird phobia.  We even got an applause from some spectators on the beach...

What was even more profound was when we got home and we were giving the girls a bath.   Emma Jane looked at me and said, "Mommy, you held a bird on the nose and it went "squawk, squawk!"  I realized how cool it was that my daughters were able to witness their mommy overcome a huge fear and do something that I did NOT want to do, but had to do! 

It may not have been a fish, but it was definitely a perfect catch for the evening... :)

This was before I made the decision to help.

This is part of the beautiful drive to the beach :)

Walking over the dunes to get to the beach.


It's endless.

My sweet Lela.


She really does do this on her own.  Promise.

I have to leave it on the bird again.  Crazy.

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