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I am going to be truthful this morning... My intentions of writing this blog was to cheerfully write about the Joyce Meyer Conference that I went to this past weekend and about the amazing experience that I had last night at Vesta Village with LCC.  But right now at this moment, my heart is heavy.  I recieved an email from a dear friend this morning who is having a difficult time in their life.  This person is struggling with their purpose in life and all of those famous questions that your mind begins to ask when you are faced with circumstances that you dont want to face.  My heart hurts because I too, have been there and I know what it is like to be in a "dark" place where there seems to be no way out.  I am sure that if we all think back in our life, we can all remember a time when we needed help, comfort, salvation. 

What I want to say is that salvation is more than just giving your life to Christ.  Yes, it is the the most important part of your faith walk, but there is so much more that Christ wants to save you from.  Christ wants you fully, because that is what he did for YOU.  He fully gave himself on the cross so that we could have a better life.  A life full of complete salvation, complete healing, complete restoration and most of all, complete victory.  You see God never intended for us to be seperated from Him.  When Adam and Eve allowed sin and death to come into the world, the plan of redemption was already in the making.  God sent Christ so that we would not be eternally seperated from Him.  So what I want you to know is that Christ is with you and He is FOR you. And if He is for you, then NOTHING can stand against you.  If you are a child of God and have fully accepted Him as your personal Savior, then you don't have to be alone in that dark place.  Cry out to Jesus.  Literally.  Right now, speak HIS name, Jesus, and feel the peace come over your body. (John 16:33)  Speak it.  He was sent for YOU.  He died for YOU.  He paid the ultimate penalty so that YOU wouldnt have to.  Focus your mind on Jesus.  You dont have to be a bibical scholar or someone that knows every scripture in the Bible to be able to call upon Jesus.  Maybe you are someone that barely lives the "walk" and you have never felt further from Christ.  He is waiting with open arms for His lost son or daughter to come back.  He is running to you.  Call out His name.  Seek Him.  He is ready and waiting.


Joyce Meyer Conference!!

Holy cow... it was amazING!!!  I have to be honest, before the conference I had never really listened to Joyce Meyer.  I had read a devotional book from her, but that was almost the extent of it.  I knew who she was and I was excited, but I had no idea how much her message was going to relate to my everyday life.  Hence... the title of her show is "Everyday Life" :)

The first day she spoke about judging.  Ouch.  
  Here are my notes:

Don't have an opinion of where you don't have a responsibilty.  The more knowledge you have from the Word, the more you will recongnize sin.  But just because you recognize sin, doesnt mean you can judge the heart of the sinner.  Only God can do that.  You must confront the sin, not the sinner.

People act weird because they are hurting.
I could relate to this statement.  When I look back at my life, the times that I acted "weird" or did things that I knew were wrong, was when I was in a difficult place in my life.

The meaning of JUDGE: 
In Hebrew the word "judge" means "to be of God"
Therefore, when we judge, we are literally saying we are of "God stature"
And we all know that we are nothing compared to God.  Wow.  Enough said.

When God annoints something... Opinions don't matter.
We should even live by this when we are told to do something for the Lord and we are worried about what people may think.


Day 2: Spiritual Warfare

Resist the devil and he will flee...  but if you read before that part, it says that you must "be subject" (submit) to God.  You must spend time with Him and we mustn't allow open doors for the enemy- bitterness, unforgiveness, jealousy, etc. into our lives.  Don't just quote the truth, you want it to be the reality of your life.

We are not held accountable for the things we do not know, but we are for the things we do.  We are in constant transformation and are being pressed to perfection. 

Hebrews 10:36 -- Know the Promises!

Find that inner peace and follow God's will of doing good -- YOU will then reap the benefits of

Day 2 Session 2: Facing Fear and finding Freedom

Satan's only way to make progress in your life is thru fear.  Courage means to still move forward even when you feel fear.  Fear will never go away, so you must confront it!!
God has equipped us-- we are annointed by the Holy Ghost for "the hard" stuff.

You cannot speak peace, unless you have peace inside of you.  When you remain peaceful the devil doesn't know what to do with you.  In the storm, we must remain the same as when we are out of the storm. 

Stop fearing imperfection!  Paul said that in his weakness, he was made strong!
God is ready to lift you when you are weak.

Out of the 12 deciples, only 1 of them tried to walk on water.  You cannot allow fear to cripple you from doing what you need to do.

Stop fearing that we will be taken advantage of!
Meekness is not weakness: Meakness is strength under control.


Day 3:  Simplifying your Life!

Everytime you begin to do something that frustrates you, stop and figure out how to simplify it!  God does not want you to live a life full of frustration. 

Get rid of complication by being fully yourself-- stop worrying about impressing others.

Start looking at areas of your life-- 
How many things are you doing that are for the wrong reasons that frustrate you?
Get rid of them.

The things that you remember the most in life are the simple things.  Laugh more. 
 God loves when you laugh. 

Work your schedule around God. 
Stop trying to work God into your schedule. 
Seek HIM first.

Philippians 4:11 ~ my favorite-- be content with where you are and what you have!


That was not even half of all that she talked about!
I have had so many requests to share all the "good stuff" so there you go! 
Hope you can relate it to your life!  I sure have.

*All material was paraphrased from the 2011 Joyce Meyer Ministry Conference, Raliegh, NC.


The Pink Hippo Project.

After attending the JM conference, it was absolutely clear that I had the need to help children less fortunate than my own.  After all, I boo-hoo-ed like a baby everytime they played a video of helping a 3rd world country and I was frantically reaching for my wallet to throw out whatever dollar amount I could to make myself "feel" better.

Sitting in church Sunday watching the church video of one of the many projects they do for children, I was thinking to myself, I need to get involved.  As the thought literally passed through my mind, a friend next to me tapped me on the leg and said, "You should get involved with the tutoring program."

I was at the sign up table immediantly following church and at my first meeting later that day at 2pm.

So what is it...
LCC has adopted a community of low-income housing called Vesta Village. 
It is a part of the Pink Hippo Project at LCC, in efforts to love, reach, nurture and imitate Jesus by lending a hand to better the community.

So last night... I went to meet all of the kids that I am going to be teaching and I left KNOWING that they will be the ones to teach me.

I watched the kids laugh, eat pizza, play games and love us.  I watched the fact that not one of them was caught up in their "need to survive" circumstances in their life and they were fully focused on the "right now."  They were having so much fun! 

My heart was so full.


Fyi...  I started this blog at 7am and as you can see... I am just now finishing. 
I hope you read all of the scriptures...  

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  1. Anonymous23.8.11

    Thanks for sharing!! I am going to print this for future reference! Good luck on the Pink Hippo project, what a blessing all around. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Anonymous24.8.11

    Oh Lord, let us live our lives like Peter, courageously and faithful, walkking on water!! great post....