Enjoying Summer. The best time of year.

4:31:00 PM

These pics are from 2 weeks ago, when we went to visit my family in Statesville!  We had a great time, loved seeing everyone, enjoyed the lake and ate way too much food!  Thanks mom and dad!

Lela loved the boat, hated the life jacket!

She played hard and she also managed to convince her daddy to take the life-vest off. 
As soon as he did... she was out like a light!
Wade LOVED this moment by the way.  Daddy's girl.

Miss. Prissy...  she loved every minute of it!


Lela learned how to use a fork this week! Yay!  It has taken a while.  Not because she can't do it, but because she doesn't want to do it!  She is such a little eater that she is not patient enough to feed herself.  She wants to be spoon-fed and spoon-fed FAST!

Eating her 2 eggs, fruit, Yo-Baby and waffle. 
Yes... That is her normal breakfast.

Her fave meal... Spaghetti!


Playing later today after lunch...  It was so hot that at one point I was picking weeds and I noticed I didn't hear them playing any more.  I looked up and the girls were sitting on the porch and when I asked them what they were doing, they said, "It's too hot.  We want a snack!"

Lela was the first one to finish her goldfish!

Sorry about the sideways pic...  I loaded straight from my phone and was too lazy to change it :)

Although she couldn't tell me, I feel as though she would have said...
"Mom, can I please take a nap?!?!"

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  1. Hey! Funny thing....not only do we have a lot in common, but we sort-of look alike, according to some people at my house ;) We do! That top pic of you reminded me of me! ha! xoxo