Rest in His Presence.

4:08:00 PM

Life has been busy.  You know the weeks...  where you seem like you have done everything and you have accomplished nothing.  I have had one of those weeks.  One would think that with Ej having gone to VBS this week, that I would have accomplished the world, but quite the opposite has happened.  By Wednesday I felt like my head was spinning, our laundry was taking over the house and I couldn't find a free second to do the mounds of "orders" I had piling on my desk upstairs.  My kids were crazy and I think I was possibly even crazier.  I had numerous doctor appointments and although I am grateful that I can freely go, we all know how time consuming a check-up can be.  Getting blood work with a kid on your lap... highly stressful.  So by Wednesday, I was exhausted and by 5:00pm when the babysitters came over to watch the girls for church, all I wanted to do was go eat with my hubby and rest.  But we didn't give into that temptation... at least not this time.  We went to church, were 20 minutes late and stressed when arriving but frantically sat down anyways.  Boy, am I glad we did. 

Church was amazing, refreshing, energizing and full of hope... all of which I needed.  We all need.  It supplied restoration during the mid-week slump that we so often find ourselves.  I have been feeling like the Lord has been telling me to "rest" for a while now, but Wednesday night it was confirmed.  I must find rest.  Not just physical rest, (which I will definitely take when I can get it ), but spiritual rest.  Resting in His presence while I am still "working."  This I do not do.  There are days where I find myself at the end of the day emotionally exhausted, sometimes frustrated and even worse, full of tears and it is then that I call on the Lord for help.  Don't we all do that at times?  We wait until we can't handle our dilemma ourselves and then we finally turn it over to the Lord.  It's God's dilemma too.  So yesterday I practiced "resting in His presence." 

This is what it looked like...
Praise Music playing in the background most of the day, reading my Bible or a good book while I sat with the girls to finish their lunch (they listened while I read out loud...amazing!) and listening to sermons while I sewed during nap time.  Most importantly I prayed a lot more.  I prayed for everything.  I prayed for the clock to slow down so I wouldn't be late to pick up Ej at VBS (I was still late).  I prayed for the slow person that didn't see the green light until in was yellow.  I prayed that God would help me with my pillowcase dress... and for once I didn't screw it up!  I prayed my Ej would get off of the floor and stop screaming in the middle of the mall.  I even prayed for my husband as he walked out the door to head back to work.  You get the point.  The more I prayed, the easier and less thought it took. 

I had the best day yesterday.  Everything was chaotic and crazy as usual, but I had a inward peace.  I rested in HIM, which in turn provided me with much needed rest. 

for anyone that enters God's rest also enters rests from his own work, just as God did from his.  Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will fall by following their example of disobedience.
~Hebrews 4:10


So here is the Nagy's week in a snapshot...

Wade has been fishing a lot. 
He absolutely loves it and I am so thankful we live in a place where he can enjoy his time.

Here he caught a fish... not a bird.

This is his catch.  A good lookin' flounder.

This is another reason why we love to go fishing in the evening.
The views.  Remarkable.

I was pretty proud of myself for this one.
I think it's professional, pretty like.  Maybe?

This was when mommy and daddy needed some money to buy groceries. 
 Ej was so excited to share her treasures. 
Come on... I know you have atleast thought about it, right?

This is our new favorite spot to picnic. 

This is the view that we get while we eat our sandwich... ahhhhh.

This is our entertainment... besides the boats.

I have no idea where we are at, but I this is one of the 1st times that Ej took a picture with her sis.

Saw a sticker on a car today that said,
"Life is... God."
I just love that!

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  1. can i just say that i love that your daughter wears those hip, cool sunglasses and keeps them on her face. she is just too darling! :)