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2:06:00 PM

I have so many more "refreshing" posts that I should be sharing right now, but only one thing is on my mind today.  Since most of you have been following this roller coaster of a journey, from all the health issues to the financial struggles to the drastic "rescue" from God Almighty to TODAY, I wanted to share my heart.  My struggle for today.

Wade had his 6 month review this morning at his job...  The company that hired the man that came out of "no where", started two weeks later and uprooted his family from a different city just 2 months after selling a home that "couldn't be sold".  God has been busy in just the Nagy family alone and I am forever grateful.  So this is not a post that is a "pity party" nor am I trying to be unappreciative of what He has given us.  But I do have a request...

Our financial struggle has been changed drastically and our dependence on the Lord has stayed constant throughout.  He has taken us on a unimaginable journey that has been exciting, unexpectant and supernatural and my faith in His provision stands firm.  So what is my prayer...

Although we have not hurt for anything that we need, because God has provided through other means of income, we have yet to make it work "on paper."  Our budget is clearly over that of what we bring home and to be truthful, that's not even including food and gas.  So are you questioning whether our God is good...  ABSOLUTELY He is.  He has provided us with a way of making it work every month.  BUT my prayer is that this won't be a worry for us for a while.  My prayer is that for the first time that our income, our budget, our way of life would work "on paper."  That God would supply us with a consistant income that we can see each month.  That He would relieve the questioning on our minds each month and allow us to just enjoy that monthly paycheck increase.  

I know that this may not seem like I should be writing about this, but this is my heart today.  It's my prayer that as we play the waiting game again today, that God would supernaturally invoke a need for his company to bless us beyond the normal range of "raises." 

I know there are so many needs in the world...  But I am asking you join me in prayer today for this one small thing.  I am asking that you pray for me to have peace regardless and to not grow weary while we wait. 

This song is always my encouragement to remind me that God always knows our desires....

Do you have any prayer requests that you would like me to pray for?  Just email me!  It is God's desire that we lift each other up... so let me hear it!

Thanks :)

FYI...  We started our mom's group today and it was awesome!!  Having a group of Christian ladies to support, love and lift you up is so crucial in your daily walk with the Lord.  I encourage you to get involved and find that place where you can grow and experience all that Jesus has for you.


OH... and Wade's review went well!  I am so proud! 
Wade Nagy never ceases to amaze me!

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  1. Rebekah Pierce31.8.11

    Hey girl,
    I completely understand what you're talking about with finances. Ours have been exactly the same way, as I got layed off and Seth is the only income. Trying to supplement selling clothes, doing yard sales, etc, but only so much comes in with that. Our budget NEVER works on paper but somehow GOD always seems to help us get the bills paid, gas in the cars, and food on the table. So, I will pray for you and if you'll pray for me...Job prayed for his friends and was rewarded :)
    Love ya girl, and can't wait to hear the good report.