Family Dinners and Ballet Slippers

2:17:00 PM

As many of you know, I have decided to go gluten-free with my diet, which you can read about here...
so as a result the whole family has joined in this diet challenge!
One being that they want to support me and Two being that they really had no choice. :)

I am on week two of my diet and I can honestly tell you that I am feeling more energized than ever.  My tests results should come back sometime this week, so keep praying! Until then, we are embracing all the new recipes, the new energy that mom has and the fact that this has changed our perspective on "getting healthy!"

  The first week, I eliminated almost everything besides fruits and veggies.  I suffered from a 3 day headache, severe temptations and a bad mood.  By day two, I realized that my children were crying a lot more than usual.  I soon realized that they were starving.  Along with myself and my husband.
So I have had to modify the diet plan some and remember that normal food is okay.
When I gave them a regular peanut butter sandwich for lunch, they both looked at me with such gratitude and said... "Ummmm, good." and they cleared their plates. Hilarious.

So family dinners have been fun! And interesting.
The girls got a night off from the diet... they enjoyed regular spaghetti, carrots and crackers.
I will admit... I was a little jealous.

I guess "enjoyed" would be an understatement...

Daddy prepared the salads and...

Mommy prepared the asparagus!

And before Mommy and Daddy even set down to have their 1st bite of dinner, the girls were ready for a piece of candy...
what she doesn't realize is that it's a prune.

Trying her best to get my camera!

These T-shirts are specifically for "spaghetti night."  I have learned too many times...

Our new candy bowl! 
Raisens, Cliff Bars and Prunes... I mean candy.

My breakfast this morning...
Eggs, Corn Grits (which were way yummier than regular grits!!), Gluten-free bread and a orange. 
I hated the orange and Wade ate the bread.

So the diet thing is working.  For now.
And family dinners are an absolute must.


And then there is dance...

I think I look forward to Thursdays even more than she does!!
This was her very first class a few weeks ago.

No captions needed... the pictures say enough.
She LOVES dance, sparkles, and ballet slippers.


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